Posted 22 сентября 2020,, 11:20

Published 22 сентября 2020,, 11:20

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The death of Tesak became the most discussed topic in the telegram channels

The death of Tesak became the most discussed topic in the telegram channels

22 сентября 2020, 11:20
The controversial death of the controversial Maxim Martsinkevich (better known as Tesak (Cutter)) in a Chelyabinsk prison during his transfer to Moscow became the most talked about event in Telegram last week.

Cleaver was an odious character. Someone perceived him as an insane neo-Nazi, but for someone it was a hero-fighter against pedophiles and the author of the Okupay-Pedophilia project, performing “dirty” work instead of the state with the tacit consent and non-resistance of the authorities. Some simply considered him a master of hype (even in the days when this word was not used) and self-promotion. Digging deeper, one might even wonder whether he was just a marginal aggressor, or to some extent he was raised by the state itself, walking on the thin ice of electoral loyalty to the violation of the rights of various social groups of people, to please the part of Russians who are still they are not ready to treat, for example, people of non-traditional orientation as equal members of society... It is so tempting to once again torment Russians, who are looking towards upholding the rights and civil liberties cultivated in the “rotten West”.

Tesak's death in prison, given the lack of trust in the law enforcement and correctional systems, raised a lot of questions, the main one of which was whether it was a suicide or was it a deliberate murder? The authors of the telegram channels argue that he could have been prompted to take his own life, and if they helped him, then why? Was he a threat as an oppositionist or did he know too much?

A poll on the channel of Ilya Varlamov shows that only 10% of the 31.5 thousand people who responded are ready to believe that it really was suicide. And the overwhelming majority are inclined to look for those responsible for his death.

The Kremlin Mamkovologist is not tormented by doubts about the causes of Martsinkevich's death and is sure that this event should be viewed solely as a cleanup of the political space from possible leaders of the opposition that is actively acting in a critical situation. The statement is at least bold and radical; here you can even see an almost glorification of Tesak's image.

The Russian Press altogether refers to some sources in law enforcement agencies (albeit unnamed), which confirm the fact of the targeted murder and explain why it happened in the Chelyabinsk region - this is a region under the complete control of the security forces.

The authors of the VChK-OGPU channel, which specializes in the coverage of criminal schemes, do not believe in Martsinkevich's guilt. And they see the cause of death in the need to hang all the crimes on him and cover up those who are really behind the murders of migrants in 2007.

Even Andrey Medvedev, the former host of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, editor-in-chief of the united editorial board of ESMI (includes Radio Russia, Mayak and other stations) and a Moscow City Duma deputy, who, in theory, should protect state and pro-government interests, points out that Tesak was not the one who really it is worth hiding in jail for a long time - there are characters that are much more dangerous, to which the law enforcement agencies do not pay attention.

Journalist and writer Oleg Kashin also has no doubt that this was nothing more than a murder. But from his point of view, those who organized this murder fully achieved their goal, creating a feeling of hopelessness and defenselessness. The conclusion, if it is close to the truth, is extremely unpleasant for all of us...

And the authors of the All-Seeing Eye draw directly opposite conclusions about the future consequences: according to the channel, the death of Maksim Martsinkevich will only draw attention to the unhealthy situation in correctional institutions, which does not correct, but only encourages suicide. Indeed, it has been noted more than once that imprisonment in Russia is primarily not a correctional, but a punitive function.

In general, the telegram channel community tends to blame the security forces for everything. There are discrepancies only in the reasons for the murder - it is simply not needed, hiding the real criminals, cleaning up the opposition ... But there is one opinion that is fundamentally different from the others: journalist Kononenko blames everything on Alexei Navalny, who was the first to write a statement against Martsinkevich. That case, however, had nothing to do with the murder of migrants, of whom Tesak was accused. Then he simply thwarted the debate with nationalist slogans, where Navalny was a moderator.

We will not diagnose the photograph and determine the degree of guilt of Maksim Martsinkevich in the 13-year-old murders and the cause of death. But that unanimity in the confidence of the trace in this death of the state in the person of law enforcement agencies and the Federal Penitentiary Service, which was made by the overwhelming majority of the channels, the total distrust of the security forces and even sympathy for the prisoner in the presence of a confession of guilt (according to official sources) is an alarming sign that demonstrates how the authorities are moving away from the people more and more.