Posted 23 сентября 2020,, 06:12

Published 23 сентября 2020,, 06:12

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The media reported the details of the conversation between Putin and Macron about Navalny

The media reported the details of the conversation between Putin and Macron about Navalny

23 сентября 2020, 06:12
Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on September 14, called for attention to other versions of the incident with Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

This is reported by the newspaper Le Monde, citing its own sources.

The publication of the publication indicates that Putin reminded Macron that Navalny had already feigned bad health in the past. He explained the reasons that a criminal case on the situation with Navalny had not been opened, the lack of information about the analyzes of the opposition made by France and Germany.

The newspaper claims that the Russian leader offered to consider other versions of what happened, for example, the one that leads to Latvia, where one of the developers of the Novichok combat poison lives.

Sources of the publication indicated that the President of the Russian Federation suggested that Navalny was poisoned and clarified that the Novichok poison itself is not such a complex substance as is commonly believed.

Macron rejected the version of the Latvian trail and the assumption that Navalny was poisoned there, the authors of the article say.

We remind that on September 14, in a conversation between the heads of the two countries, the topic of Navalny's poisoning became the main one. It was then that Macron informed Putin that on the basis of independently conducted analyzes and conclusions of several European laboratories, French experts came to the conclusion that Navalny had been poisoned with the Novichok neurotoxin. He called the incident with the Russian oppositionist an "attempted murder". At the same time, Macron suggested that Putin "urgently shed light" on what happened to the head of the FBK.

According to the Russian side, the heads of the two countries agreed to work on "defining the parameters of possible interaction" on the situation with Navalny's poisoning.

Let us recall that Navalny slipped into a coma on August 20 during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow. On September 7, doctors at the Charite Clinic, a Berlin clinic where Navalny was taken by special plane from Omsk, reported that the patient had come out of a coma and was on the mend. He remembered everything that happened to him until the moment he passed out on board the plane.

Germany said that the analyzes carried out prove that Navalny was poisoned by Novichok, but refused to provide the data to Russia.