Posted 23 сентября 2020, 12:59

Published 23 сентября 2020, 12:59

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TV promised to conquer Ukraine in 48 hours

23 сентября 2020, 12:59
Telepropagandists are confident that the amendments to the Constitution give our country every right to beat the enemy on its territory.

Sergey Mitrofanov

In the west of the Union State, an almost full-fledged junta was formed. Its characteristics are that of an irreplaceable dictator who refused to leave, despite the problematic nature of the elections that had just passed. Reliance on the army, visible and in images. Arrests and abductions of opponents. Pushing the opposition abroad. Declaration of war abroad, because there are now irreconcilable enemies (they were pushed out there), etc. etc.

If there is a junta in the west of the Union, then what can be said about the entire Union? - tricky question. Nobody has asked him yet, but the TV footage of the support of the Belarusian dictator's regime by the Russian army makes one think. Moreover, the TV also shows a political map. From it it turns out that Belarus, through the efforts of its "president", has turned into a large prison surrounded by moats with crocodiles. Four borders - with Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia - were locked. There was only one left - with Russia. But through Russia, of course, you will run for a very long time to the Canadian border, and most likely you will only come running to Magadan.

Meanwhile, the hostile foreign countries are also awake. NATO forces are gathering in Vinnitsa, NATO planes with nuclear bombs are standing under the steam. The President of Ukraine stretched out under the NATO flag, pressing his hand to his chest and, as TV said, not knowing who to turn to first - either his own, or the American generals.

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, obviously, are preparing a tank invasion of Belarus with the aim of seizing the presidential palace in Minsk and placing Tikhanovskaya on the throne. Tikhanovskaya herself, a puppet of NATO, the CIA and the militaristic circles of the Baltic states, positioning herself as the elected president, broadcasts from the Lithuanian office, which indicates a certain hostile bias. (* Although it would be strange, being expelled to Lithuania, to broadcast not from the Lithuanian office, since all the offices here ... are Lithuanian.)

Militant groups of Ukrainian nationalists threaten to infiltrate through the impenetrable swamps of the border with Ukraine. There are no video cameras in the swamps. How to control impenetrable swamps - no one knows. But in response, we (Russia and Belarus) are deploying our tank armada. This is the situation on the Russian TV. And if anything, we'll hit it. By the way, the telepolitical scientist E. Satanovsky, from the Solovyov company, said this: “The expert believes that the Russian Federation has only one way to stop further attacks in its direction. “And until we hit, it won't end. We go to war, to war. I don’t like it, I don’t want to - but we go, ”Satanovsky shared his gloomy forecast in an interview with “Economy Today”.

And then the Americans misguided too. In one of the stories on the American TV, someone was thinking about the allegedly Russian program of monetary incentives for the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) for killing specifically the American military in Syria. But it was partially justified. Allegedly, it was only a response from the Russians for the fact that the Americans were preparing sabotage Ukrainian detachments to fight the Russian troops in Crimea.

The US military is with them. The Taliban kill them and let them kill them further, but the fact that the Americans confessed to sabotage in Crimea is worth a lot, transfers the United States and Ukraine into the category of terrorist states and begs for a military response from Russia. We do not know how in the United States, but in Ukraine we will then kill right and left.

- You understand, - makes an eerie face, presenter E. Popov, - that if all this is confirmed, and we find out who is involved in this, we will eliminate them in a moment. This right was given to us by the amendments to the Constitution. Let's send drones and bomb them to hell. The enemy, his household and those who turn up at hand. (* Looking at Gordey Belov, he just said that he was pleased that Ukraine's defense power was growing.) In 48 hours all of you will be gone! (* In general, this is an interesting moment that the Constitution allowed forging the Third World War. But if there was no such piece of paper, then it seems that it would have to be settled peacefully).

Also within the framework of this theme - the approaching world war with the West over Navalny and Lukashenko - an impressive (* impressed E. Popov and, presumably, no one else) was shown a fragment of the speech of the Belarusian "officer's wife". She has a nervous face, burning with a psychopathic blush, a nervously curving mouth, bags under her eyes, giving out acute mental experiences and, possibly, taking psychotropic drugs.

Speaking at a special women's forum of Lukashenko's followers, she expressed full women's support for Mr. President in seizing power, and then chanted for a long time “Belarus, Belarus, Belarus!”, And it is a pity that she did not say the name of the officer husband who sent her. The fact is that the law on the protection of personal data classified the names of the security officials who participated in the suppression of the Belarusian revolution, and prohibited declassification under threat of criminal punishment. So get to know, simply: "The officer's wife".

“They say that she read from a piece of paper”, - Popov additionally defended her for some reason, “but anything can happen. I was worried.

Part two. From scary to optimism

- In general, there is no need to dust, - Deputy Zhuravlev suddenly turns back the face of Russia, who recently, however, called for a repetition of the practices of 1939, when together with the German fascists we together liberated the parts of Belarus occupied by Poland and a little Poland too. “No one has attacked anyone yet. The teachings are just going on. There - at NATO, here - "Slavic Brotherhood - 2020". On both sides, no more than 1000 people are involved, a couple of tanks, a couple of aircraft, the war is still far away. And the borders were not closed, only "strengthened".

(* It would be strange if it were closed, Belarus needs to trade no less than its partners. The country lives on speculation, re-sticking labels. )

“Yes, we went too far,” Popov agreed. - As for sabotage in Crimea, the Americans most likely simply confused Crimea with Donbass. These two names mean nothing to them. That Crimea, that Donbass ... So now let's move on to the optimistic news ... Russia can become the savior of humanity from a pandemic.

A smiling Petr Bely appears on the screen, chairman of the pharmaceutical company Promomed, which has created a drug that stops the replication of coronavirus through a public-private partnership. As a result, everyone is healed, including those who have already been on their deathbed. In ten hours, the coronavirus completely disappears!

As said, the innovative drug from COVID-19 - Areplivir - will arrive in Russian pharmacies on Monday. You can check by asking the pharmacist. The medicine is relatively cheap, that is, socially oriented for the people, a little more than 10,000 rubles per pack, which, in general, is nothing , considering that you are getting up from your deathbed.

But there is a small problem. No, not that, 19.9 million Russians are below the poverty line, and they can only rely on FOM in hospitals. Another. After all, an equally excellent vaccine was made before. It turns out that she is not needed now? Then billions seem to fly into the pipe, and those who expected to get rich remain on beans. They were all just knocked down by Peter Bely.

- No, it will be useful, - Bely concedes nobly. - First, get vaccinated, but when it doesn't help, and you still get sick, swallow our drug.