Posted 24 сентября 2020,, 06:21

Published 24 сентября 2020,, 06:21

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In 2020 food prices in Russia rose three times faster than in the European Union

In 2020 food prices in Russia rose three times faster than in the European Union

24 сентября 2020, 06:21
The rise in food prices in Russia during the seven months of this year amounted to 5%, while in the European Union food prices rose by 1.6%.

Food prices rose sharply in April amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to Rosstat data. In Russia, the growth was 2.2%, in the EU - 1.3%. During May and June, Russian prices increased by another 0.1%, and in June they decreased by the same indicator. In the EU countries, they rose by 0.3% in May, but fell by 0.4% in June, and by 1.3% in July.

The largest increase in prices in Russia was noted for fruits - 19.5%. In the EU, the rise in price of this product was recorded at the level of 8.4%.

Sweets, sugar, jam, honey and chocolate have become more expensive in Russia since the beginning of 2020 by 6.2%, while in the EU - by 1%. Bakery products and cereals rose in price on Russian counters by 5.8%, and for buyers in the EU - by an average of 1.1%. Oil and fats rose in price by 3.1% in Russia, while in the EU they fell by 0.2%.

Fish and seafood rose in price in Russia by 2.5%, and in the EU by 1.5%. Meat and meat products for Russians rose by 3.1%, while in the EU they became cheaper by 0.2%.

Prices in Russia have fallen only for vegetables. Since the beginning of the year, their cost has decreased by 1.2%. The EU also recorded a decline - by 3.5%.

Note that in Russia the price of buckwheat has risen again. It was the price of this cereal that was closely monitored during the pandemic, as well as the availability of goods on store shelves. In addition, the media reported a sharp rise in wholesale prices for oatmeal. According to experts, the situation is associated with drought in Siberia, where the main sown areas of oats are located.