Posted 24 сентября 2020,, 13:22

Published 24 сентября 2020,, 13:22

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Mikhail Weller: "In fact, Russia has always played against Trump"

Mikhail Weller: "In fact, Russia has always played against Trump"

24 сентября 2020, 13:22
On his YouTube channel, writer Mikhail Veller talked about what, in his opinion, is the reality in Russian-American relations.

“As you know, four years ago, the story began that Russia“ drowned ”for President Trump, that“ Trump colluded with Putin, ”and so on, and that no end was found.

But this is not true: the ends were found, but a little not as expected.

It never occurred to anyone why Karina Orlova, who was the host of the program on Echo of Moscow, is an absolutely adequate person, a sensible and charming woman, has been living in the States for three years, in Washington, and exclusively explains that Trump is so and so and so Further.

So, Karina Orlova, this is not just a young woman who came to America, she is a representative of Ekho Moskvy, but Ekho Moskvy is the only Russian free liberal radio channel with a wide reach, without prejudice, with a huge audience and coverage area... And with a huge impact on the Russian-speaking diaspora around the world, including America. This is a very reputable media outlet.

Thus, Karina Orlova, who was sent there from Ekho Moskvy and lives there on the money of Ekho Moskvy, that is, in part - how do I know which part of Gazprom, that is, the Kremlin's purse, is engaged in explaining that Trump is very bad, that anything but Trump, and that he will now be kicked out and jailed.

This means that the true Kremlin policy is: "We don't need Trump". And it could not be otherwise.

Gentlemen, when a serious legend is promoted, it is always covered by a cover legend.

For example. When Hitler moved his troops to the Russian border in the spring - early summer of 1941, the cover legend was this: we are pulling them away so that they can calmly rest before the last attack on England. Which corresponded to Stalin's ideas: "First, the Germans need to do away with England, but then ..."

So, the cover legend: we are for Trump, but in fact... Excuse me generously, from the point of view of logic, everyone knows that Hillary is absolutely corrupt, that the deal with Hillary went well.

Hillary sold Russia 20% of the American uranium reserve, it was the famous deal for the firm Uranium One, and her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton, was paid in Moscow some crazy half a million, which is, of course, an official form of bribe.

Do you see what the story is: they are all smeared over their ears. They all have tons of dirt on them.

Therefore, they are manageable. They are obedient. And, besides, they are leading things to the collapse of America, which, of course, is great for the Kremlin, because the weaker everyone else, the more, relative to them, Russia is stronger in the political arena.

Trump is categorically not beneficial to the Kremlin. Categorically!

As is known, one must judge not by words, but by deeds. It was under Trump that a Russian battalion tactical group in Syria was ground up, under the brand name of PMC Wagner. Neither under Obama, nor under George W. Bush senior and junior, nothing like this could have happened.

First, the commander of the unit had to request permission from the headquarters, the headquarters called the Pentagon, then answered, and then it was all over. Trump said: you guys have untied hands on the ground. You are a commander, you are a figure of trust, you have gone through school, you are tested; do the right thing.

Ground into dust. And yet Trump is Putin's puppet?

Lethal weapons, Javelin tank complexes have been delivered to Ukraine. Not Obama - Trump. Trump is Putin's puppet ?!

Trump is doing everything to shut off Nord Stream 2 to Europe. And Gazprom is the Kremlin's wallet.

And yet they claim that Trump is Putin's puppet. Why? Because he talks to him like that.

I don’t remember which book I read a long time ago: if an uninitiated heard the conversations of two diplomats of warring countries, he would remain convinced that each of them betrays the interests of his own country out of a friendly disposition to a partner. That is, to lay softly so that it is hard to sleep.

And then, you know, they take all these fake compliments from the series "I like Putin, you can negotiate with Putin" on faith and say, they say, look how he lies under Putin! What are you, gentlemen? Well, you have to think!

This is what is really happening in Russian-American relations.

Now let's get back to the "Russian trace". In fact, it was a dossier, as we know, made by Christopher Steele, a retired intelligence officer. Where did the materials come from? Where does the smell of this dirt on Trump come from?

What about the surname of this person ... Either Yuri, or Igor, or Dolchenko, or Datchenko ... The names of disgusting people do not linger well in the head, a certain ethical disgust.

In general, this is our emigrant who worked at the Brooklyn Institute, that is, in the brain headquarters of the Democratic Party. From time to time he drank with his friends, some of whom had already emigrated from Russia forever, and some traveled back and forth. And out of all these rumors, nonsense was built, which he threw off Steele.

How Trump filmed prostitutes urinating on the bed where President Obama once slept in a hotel. Only Osya and Lyova from the well-known book "Conduit and Schvambrania" could have come up with this bullshit.

That is, I repeat: Russia played against Trump.

Because Trump is unpredictable and there is no compromising material on Trump. If he existed, Trump would have been buried long ago so that he would not be found by a mine detector. This is roughly how everything is on the Russian side.

Why is the entire Russian intelligentsia drowning for Biden? Look at this idiot. Ask, but he's already in insanity, he no longer understands what's what. He speaks, on the one hand he has a wife, and on the other a sister, and he confuses in front of everyone who is the wife and who is the sister. He says 200 million people will die in America by the end of his speech. And he does not understand his reservation. And he has this at every step.

Why, one wonders, is the Russian opposition in favor of American storm troopers, for people who, forgive me, act with fascist pogrom methods, for those who are going to establish wonderful socialism in America, which will be cooler than the Soviet one?

Here, with us, there were Russians, mostly people from one class, against other Russians. But when it does - blacks against whites, women against men, people with disabilities against healthy people ... This will be such socialism for you that dust and ashes will remain from America!

And then this corrupt socialist elite will take bribes from the Kremlin boys and they will do whatever they want, their families will live well in Florida and so on.

They benefit from the Democrats. Beneficial. And idiots are helpful. The best brilliant phrase of Vladimir Ilyich: "useful idiot" is a turn of the century. Useful are the idiots whom the Kremlin "plays in the dark" like children, despising their mental abilities, who help the Kremlin to destroy the States without even realizing it.

President Trump and the attitude towards him is a test of mental adequacy.

Not on IQ, not on the ability to win chess games, make speeches and write articles, but on the ability to adequately assess the situation. It is not the same".