Posted 24 сентября 2020, 17:36

Published 24 сентября 2020, 17:36

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Several Perekryostok and Magnolia shops were closed because of the violations of the mask regime

24 сентября 2020, 17:36
Several stores, including supermarkets of large chains, were closed in Moscow due to the fact that employees and customers did not wear masks and gloves in them. The decision to suspend their activities was made by Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights).

“Today, several more large stores of the Perekryostok and Magnolia chains have suspended their work due to non-observance of the mask regime”, - said Aleksey Nemeryuk, head of the Moscow department of trade and services. He is quoted by Interfax.

According to him, 43 retail outlets in the capital have already suspended their work because they did not comply with security measures for coronavirus. The Moscow Department of Trade clarified that today they closed one more store of these retail chains in the southeastern part of the capital and in the city center. There were also no hand sanitizers in these stores. Nemeryuk added that no one canceled the mask regime in public places, and raids on shops in the capital will continue.

Over the past 24 hours, another 1,050 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Moscow. Since the beginning of the spread of the epidemic, 280.4 thousand cases of the disease have been detected in the capital. Another 33.6 thousand patients remain under the supervision of doctors. Another 5.1 thousand people died from complications. Earlier, the city authorities called on to prepare for an increase in the number of cases of more than 1.5 thousand people daily, but ruled out the possibility of introducing strict restrictions: a new quarantine and access control, as it was in the spring of this year.