Posted 25 сентября 2020,, 14:13

Published 25 сентября 2020,, 14:13

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

For the one it's covid, but for the other - a profit: who makes money on PCR-tests

For the one it's covid, but for the other - a profit: who makes money on PCR-tests

25 сентября 2020, 14:13
Rospotrebnadzor declares tireless concern for the health of Russian citizens, but for some mysterious reason does not want to organize mass testing at the country's airports

Those who fly to Russia from abroad immediately run to the coronavirus test sites deployed at airports, hoping to solve the testing problems right away. However, having seen the wild lines crowding in these points, many abandon this idea.

It is known that all citizens of the country arriving in Russia are required to take a PCR test for coronavirus within 3 days, and not only take it, but also receive its results during the same time and upload them to (State Services). What caused such a strange urgency (how can an ordinary tourist rush a laboratory?)? Concern for the health of citizens? Far from it! Banal thirst for profit.

Here is what the politician Dmitry Gudkov writes about this on his blog:

“Rob during a fire. Paid (and actually mandatory) testing for covid at all Moscow airports is carried out by a detox clinic with an average staff of 17 people. The result is in an hour. (In Moscow hospitals - several days.) And all because the clinic belongs to the daughter of an oligarch. If you want to return to Russia - pay!

Sota.Vision dug only this aspect of the "fight" with the covid: and immediately came out like this.

The huge queues for the test, in which the healthy and sick, are a bonus.

How everything works: Rospotrebnadzor decided that people should not only take the test within three days, but also receive an answer within the same three days or pay a fine from 14 to 40 thousand in court.

Naturally, the clinics do not give guarantees of a quick response, and the tests cost money (free only for Muscovites, subject to an appointment two weeks in advance).

Why hasn't the same Rospotrebnadzor launched mass testing at airports?

The answer did not surprise me, because it is in the logic of everything that happens in Russia: such testing is at the mercy of the daughter of the deputy head of AFK Sistema Dmitry Zubov, Elena Shevtsova, who is engaged in restaurant business and fashion design. She also has a detox clinic that prescribes dietary supplements. Have you tried dietary supplements for covid? - Probably in vain.

Once again: the average staff of the clinic is 17 people. And so they allegedly conduct tens of thousands of tests at airports, giving results in an hour. One test - 2750. It's a bonanza, considering that Russia does not accept foreign tests.

Want to avoid paying a fine in court? Pay this tax to enter Russia.

The tests are conducted not by Invitro, not by Gemotest, not by the state, but by the ArchiMed detox clinic with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles. The main barrier of the Motherland on the way of the covid. Thank you for not BaikalFinanceGroup. (Remember the office that bought YUKOS? There, too, the authorized capital was 10,000.)

And the cherry on the cake: the father of a wonderful entrepreneur is now engaged in the commercial production of a vaccine against covid, the very Sputnik-V. Family in a row. As business partners, he has the head of the Research Institute of Gamaleya.

Who here thought that the vaccine is state-owned - be surprised. However, it is unlikely that there are still such.

People are new oil, and nothing will prevent you from earning money from them in any circumstances...


In the comments to this post, Sofia Kuchumova shared her extremely negative experience:

“I gave them a test at Sheremetyevo. To pass it, you had to register and pay online. But without a paper contract, the laboratory refused to conduct a test, to do this it was necessary to stand in line... but it was difficult to call it a line - there was a crowd of guys from Central Asia who were taking a line for each other. No one regulated the queue, no one responded to my request to the airport employee to put things in order and regulate the observance of the distance. A positive result came half an hour before departure.

Naturally, I went home to sit in quarantine, I myself notified all the authorities about my test and the absence of symptoms, because I was brought to the Rospotrebnadzor database only on Monday (the test was on Saturday). But the most interesting thing happened later. The day after the airport, I asked the doctor from the clinic to take another test at home, and lo and behold, it came back negative! But no one is going to cancel social monitoring because of a false positive result, as a result, the vacation did not take place and I was locked in 4 walls, although I do not have a virus. It would be better if I passed in Gemotest laboratory.

Let us recall that now citizens returning from abroad are required not only to pass coronavirus tests within three days, but are also in self-isolation mode until a result is obtained, which means only one thing: queues at airports will become fantastic - who wants to wait for who knows what, not being able to go outside?