Posted 25 сентября 2020,, 15:14

Published 25 сентября 2020,, 15:14

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Restrictions on the sale of pasta and toilet paper returned in Britain

Restrictions on the sale of pasta and toilet paper returned in Britain

25 сентября 2020, 15:14
Фото: Максим Блинов / РиаНовости
Retail chain Tesco in the UK has returned previously imposed restrictions on the sale of goods to one person. Some food products and essential household goods were included in the "forbidden lists".

According to Interfax, amid the announced tightening of restrictive measures related to the spread of the coronavirus by the British authorities, retail chains announced the return of limits on the sale of goods. This is done to avoid the rush and stock runs out.

“Buyers can now buy no more than three packs of flour, pasta, toilet paper, baby and antibacterial wet wipes”, - the statement said.

A retailer's spokesman said the purpose of the restrictions is to ensure that every visitor can buy the goods they need.

On the eve of similar restrictions on the sale of antiseptics and toilet paper, the trade network WM Morrison introduced. This came after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a statement on September 22 that the country was on the cusp of a second wave of coronavirus.

To avoid widespread infections, the government has moved office workers to remote working hours, limited the opening hours of pubs and restaurants, and introduced mandatory masking at retail locations. For weddings, it is prohibited to organize banquets with more than 15 guests.

After the introduction of a new series of restrictive measures, residents rushed, as in the spring, to empty store shelves. The excitement arose despite the fact that representatives of the largest retail chains said that they had sufficient stocks of goods. In order not to provoke artificial shortages, buyers were encouraged to consume wisely.