Posted 25 сентября 2020,, 15:23

Published 25 сентября 2020,, 15:23

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Vasily Melnichenko: "Polovtsians also influenced the tariffs of our monopolies"

Vasily Melnichenko: "Polovtsians also influenced the tariffs of our monopolies"

25 сентября 2020, 15:23
“The Russian authorities are promoting anti-human plans, it's time to realize this,” says Vasily Melnichenko, a well-known Russian farmer and Chairman of the Federal Village Council public movement.

On the Spets YouTube channel, he talked about how local officials in the provinces are deliberately destroying villages and that the country's official development strategies contain plans to eliminate the indigenous population.

“We are getting smaller, smaller and smaller. I see this in my village, in the surrounding territories and throughout Russia as a whole.

And the government continues to tell us tales that there are reasons for the extinction of the current generation.

The reason, in their opinion, is the Great Patriotic War, here, probably, the war with Napoleon should also be attributed and, of course, the Battle of Kulikovo also influenced. And the Polovtsians were still there.

The Polovtsi, of course, also greatly influenced the price of gas and electricity for our people!

But Peskov openly said that the reason for the poverty of Russians is, of course, the Great Patriotic War.

But he did not name the reason for the wealth of his and all our rulers.

What was the reason for this? Isn't it a war with the Russian people? Is it not a war with us, which they declared to us long ago? They are successfully exterminating us, practically planning it all!

Literally the day before yesterday I drove from the airport to the village of Nitsenskoye, Slobodo-Turinsky district, which is more than 350 km. That is, I drove through several territories and districts.

And even visually it is noticeable how poorer our villages and villages are!

Everywhere production is destroyed, in some places even nothing has remained of that former glory, including our agricultural one. Nothing is left of our dairy factories, raw material processing factories, construction organizations.

The journalists and I arrived in the village of Nitsenskoe, where there was a powerful agro-firm "Nitsenskoe". Once it was the state farm "Nitsensky", rich, serious, it was clear how solid the two-apartment houses were built ...

And the reason for the trip was this: during the month of August - the beginning of September, the village, consider it, was completely out of work!

The investor and owner of this farm, cowsheds, cows and so on, decided that he no longer wanted to work here and through various machinations he sold all this to one, to another, to a third.

But an interesting story turned out: an investor came to the farm - and this is such a "method" of work and promised mountains of gold, for this farm he took huge loans from Sberbank and other banks - for restoration.

Under these loans, the Ministry of Agriculture, bowed down, at full capacity issued all kinds of subsidies and subsidies from all sides. All that is possible - this farm has received.

And the result of the work of several years is as follows: the investor - there are those who do nothing at all, but in Nitsensky it was different - he organized himself an excellent hunting farm, with luxurious baths, saunas and so on, where, of course, all the regional leadership comes, slaps him and says what a good leader.

We must give an order, a medal, give, what a gorgeous steam, what a hunt, what a red deer, you know, walks through the woods! But 137 people lost their jobs in one month!

What is this for a village of 740 inhabitants and with three hundred jobs, of which 137 were closed - needs to be explained? The village turned out to be practically useless to anyone, but now it does not produce anything and will not produce anything, because the end of production has come.

But we, knowing the history of this whole work, began to study the names and surnames of investors, and we saw that this is the group that works exactly like that.

Moreover, all these people are absolutely in power: who is the deputy, who is the adviser to the governor, and so on.

OPKh Pyshminskoe, OPKh Trifonovskoe, Gryaznovskaya poultry farm, poultry farm Barannikovskiy - the same people ruined huge farms, getting incredibly large loans for this!

No one will ever give such loans to a peasant. Even a normal operating economy will never be given such loans by any bank - neither Rosselkhozbank nor Sberbank!

But these comrades - although I don’t know whose comrades they are there - were given hundreds of millions, billions of loans, the same billions of subsidies, they settled down normally and abandoned these farms to their fate!

And all this is the state policy of the Russian Federation.

Where are human rights here? After all, all these people were left without work!

They treat us like mice!

This investor has come - and for him these people, these families are nobody and nothing.

And for the Ministry of Agriculture they are nobody, and for the Government of the Russian Federation they are nobody, and for the Kremlin they are nobody.

Nobody! What are they needed for? They will really just die out.

And then we read strategies, plans... Here they are, please, reading out the document: "A single plan for achieving the national development goals of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030", NRU HSE - that is, the Higher School of Economics.

And this plan to "preserve the population" is supervised by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

Population conservation? In this way?!

And if we read it carefully, it turns out that they just want to replace us.

I don't know why it happened, who are they - the current government?

How did it happen that the indigenous population of Russia, indigenous people suddenly became unnecessary for this land, these rulers?

Why did we give them all the wealth of the country, all the levers, and for this they decided to replace us, replace the ethnic group, replace Russians completely with other people!?

I would call this their plan "to preserve the population" "The planned extinction of the peoples of Russia!"

Hear, Russia! Hear, people of Russia: according to the plan of the government of the Russian Federation, which is called the "Unified Plan to Achieve the National Development Goals of the Russian Federation for the Period up to 2030", you should not live here anymore!

We are being replaced by others. Other people will come instead of us. Not for us, but instead of us.

And here you are, according to this plan, all this is there: by 2030 they plan to import up to 368,000 people annually.

That is, in fact, 400,000 people will be replaced annually!

And this is all, considering what the mortality rate will be in the Russian Federation - and it is also planned - we will die out about 300,000 fewer people; and 400,000 will be imported.

Calculate how many years we will not be in Russia. If we are not here, why do we need such a Russia? Why do we need a government that has adopted a plan to eliminate us?

I have long understood what this technology is.

At first we are deprived of our jobs — workers, peasants and working intelligentsia. And by depriving them of work, they are deprived of the opportunity to exist. And we stop multiplying. All this, I repeat, is planned.

We cannot stand for a person to come to the village and become the owner, in fact, of lives. In fact, this is slavery!

So what happened that we allowed people who planned to liquidate us to come to power?

We are adults! We must immediately wake up and do something immediately.

We just have to realize our place now.

We are being turned, or have already been turned, into slaves, official, with a registration, as it should be.

And now they will give us such tyrant landlords. And their children will grow up and also think that they should own and rule us. They will want to have a dynastic heritage. They will not just give up power, understand. "