Posted 28 сентября 2020,, 06:16

Published 28 сентября 2020,, 06:16

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Trump is accused of non-payment of income tax for 10 years

Trump is accused of non-payment of income tax for 10 years

28 сентября 2020, 06:16
US President Donald Trump has not paid income tax for 10 years, RBC reports with the reference to The New York Times (NYT). The American edition, in turn, refers to an extended analysis of the president's tax returns.

The NYT analyzed Trump's tax information from more than 20 years, including data from the hundreds of companies that make up his business empire.

The main thesis of the NYT publication: Donald Trump has not paid income tax in ten of the last 15 years because he declared that his businesses were unprofitable. According to the publication, in 2018, Trump received about $ 427 million from his share in the reality show "The Apprentice" and for the right to use his name. Trump had to pay more than $ 100 million for these revenues alone.

However, the reason for non-payment lies precisely in the unprofitability of the rest of Trump's enterprises. In particular, the Trump National Doral Miami resort and the Trump International Hotel in Washington bring losses to Trump, according to NYT.

Trump called the NYT publication a fake and promised to publish his own declarations.

Let us note that Trump's tax returns periodically become the subject of close attention of the American media. This is not the first time Trump has been accused of tax evasion.