Posted 29 сентября 2020, 12:40

Published 29 сентября 2020, 12:40

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Telegram - topic of the week: Sberbank is no longer a bank

29 сентября 2020, 12:40
Last week, the traditionally politicized telegram channels paid most attention to the rebranding of Sberbank, which is now simply Sber.

At the presentation, SberConf presented a new set-top box with voice control, a unified subscription to Sberbank services such as ordering a taxi, groceries and an online cinema, and other novelties. At the same time, the bank is directly affected only by the change of office signs and the redesigned online application... So the authors of the telegram channels are asking the question - have the word "bank" been deleted symbolically, or the form has not gone so far from the content?

The reason for such close attention is understandable: Sber, when it was a bank, using its unique and almost monopoly position, penetrated the life of literally every Russian, and the status of a state-owned company makes us pay more attention to finance. What is allowed for a private company is not always acceptable for a state one. Telegram channels discussed Sberbank's changes with particular passion.

The dynamics of publications on the day of the presentation is rather curious. The first to appear the day before were announcing and other far from native posts celebrating the bank's successes and the talents of its head German Gref. Interestingly, even in the feeds of traditionally critical channels. Well, maybe the point is that Sber's new format really made an indelible impression, or maybe it is that advertising spending at the country's main bank has been growing lately. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, 1.1 billion rubles were spent for these purposes, which is 22.2% more than in the same period last year.

The editors of SerpomPo channel are also impressed by the scale of Gref's advertising campaign, noting the unanimity of leading business publications. Such advertising is expensive. But we were even more and quite rightly impressed by the abyss that separates the presentation of Sberbank and the reality in which people live. Especially in the outback. Sberbank in Moscow and Sberbank in a district town are two big differences.

Meanwhile, the Besposhchadniy piarshchik (Merciless PR-man) channel was not too lazy to broadcast SberConf online, and in the final he issued a post in which he came to the conclusion about the final creation of the SberConf "ecosystem". Judging by the text of the posts, our life will never be the same again.

But no matter how big the advertising budget is, not everyone gets it. Most of the channels, however, were not so supportive of Gref, and were more critical of what was happening. One could blame everything on offense, but you can't argue against facts. This even applies to logo claims. Leaving aside taste and subjective assessments, the watch store has already sued Sber for plagiarism... Copying a registered trademark is much more serious than simple ridicule.

The VChK-OGPU channel was so inspired by the new Sber's logo that it released a post that was completely atypical for itself. But modern tendencies are noticed correctly. It is unlikely that in this case someone will be suing, but those who approved the new logo probably did not expect such a turn.

The authors of the Vremennoye pravitelstvo (Provisional Government) channel also saw a lot of good (for the banking sector in general, and not for Sber) in the bank's departure to the IT sector (albeit from an unusual perspective): the more Gref pays attention to newfangled toys, the less control it is over banking services. which means that it becomes easier for other banks to compete with Sber.

And for the economists of Bla-blanomics, Gref's activity became an occasion to pay attention to the financial side of the traditional banking services that Sberbank provides to the population. And here's what happened: you won't be able to make money on deposits with Sber - the rates are too low, but you can go broke on a loan - rates are higher than the national average. But often people have no other options. Here is the answer, where does the money for TV boxes come from.

In general, telegram channels saw anything but new opportunities during the rebranding of Sber and the presentation of SberConf.

Channel PUL № 3 saw an analogy with the Sochi Olympics. "The event turned out to be bright" - the authors write. Still would! Boyarsky's hat is a killer argument in favor of Sberbank. Who wouldn't like her?

You can't argue about brightness. But do they still remember what the “triumph” turned out to be at the home Olympics? It turns out, if you follow a similar analogy, ahead - a "doping" scandal, shame, overthrow from the pedestal and deprivation of medals? We are sure that bright coverage in Telegram will be provided on this occasion.