Posted 29 сентября 2020, 06:56

Published 29 сентября 2020, 06:56

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The Accounts Chamber recognized the "garbage reform" as a failure

29 сентября 2020, 06:56
The Accounting Chamber recognized the situation in the management of municipal solid waste (MSW) in Russia as unfavorable, and called the "garbage reform" unsuccessful.

These conclusions follow from the prepared by the department "Analysis of the implementation of measures to ensure the environmental safety of the Russian Federation, in terms of elimination of accumulated harm objects and the formation of an integrated system for MSW management".

The document states that over 90% of garbage is still sent to landfills and landfills, and no more than 70% of waste is recycled. Landfills continue to poison nature.

The auditors stated that it would not be possible to fulfill the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin and eliminate all landfills within the city boundaries, even if the Clean Country project is implemented. It involves the reclamation of 191 landfills. At the same time, according to Rosprirodnadzor, at the time the Ecology project was launched, there were 8,323 landfills in the regions, and 916 of them are located in cities.

"The situation with the official training grounds is also close to critical. With the current growth rates of MSW volumes (1–2% per year) in 32 regions, their capacities will be exhausted by 2024, and in 17 of them - by 2022. At the same time, most regions simply do not have the opportunity to create new landfills", - the report says.

As for the "garbage reform" launched last year, it turned out to be a failure, and the fault lies in both the federal and regional authorities. For example, the Ministry of Natural Resources did not ensure the timely adoption of regulations at the federal level, the regions in this regard were not ready to start the reform. Also, the department did not ensure the effective work of PJSC Russian Environmental Operator (REO). The unified state system of MSW accounting was never created.

As a reminder, back in February, the curator of the garbage reform announced 11 operators that are on the verge of bankruptcy. And in the fall of last year, the deputy head of the REO, Alexei Makrushin, predicted the risk of bankruptcy of 10% of regional garbage operators - that is, 21 companies. As of December 2019, 16 operators were at risk. Gudkov explained that during this time, an analysis was carried out in the list with a possible risk of bankruptcy, after which only 11 potential bankrupts remained.

Note that only Siberian garbage operators have accumulated debts of 3.5 billion rubles. We are talking about accounts payable, which continues to grow. According to representatives of the REO, payments from the population are levied in a smaller volume than planned, "accordingly, the operator does not pay extra to counterparties".