Posted 29 сентября 2020,, 12:39

Published 29 сентября 2020,, 12:39

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The FTS is searching for tax evaders with the help of "covid" passes

The FTS is searching for tax evaders with the help of "covid" passes

29 сентября 2020, 12:39
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The Federal Tax Service took the opportunity and is now checking the number of companies that applied for passes during self-isolation.

Entrepreneurs from the Orenburg region were the first to sound the alarm, but as writes, the work is being carried out at the direction of federal structures throughout the country.

Daria Voznesenskaya

Recall that from April 1, companies had to issue permits for working employees to leave the house, so that when they met with police and Rospotrebnadzor officers, they would not be fined.

Now the heads of enterprises where the number of employees is less than the number of ordered passes, the Federal Tax Service has sent out "letters of happiness", in which it offers to explain what the discrepancies are connected with.

As the Federal Tax Service for the Orenburg Region reported to, the task of the inspections is to eliminate violations of the law and the rights of employees of enterprises that work unofficially - without sick leave and holidays. But do not forget that tax deductions do not go for such employees. Therefore, the interests of the Federal Tax Service are clear here.

Although the law makes it possible to identify violations by checking the lists, the entrepreneurs of the Orenburg region are strongly outraged by this. They point out that the badge web form was not a strict reporting system, but just a notification tool. And now the data of people "leaked" to the tax office.

Anyone could enter the data - this was also used by those who wanted to issue a pass for acquaintances who had nothing to do with the enterprise and simply did not want to observe strict self-isolation.

Now the companies will have to explain to the Federal Tax Service why there is a person on the “covid” list, but not among the employees of the enterprise, and also prove that the non-payment of taxes for him was for valid reasons, and not because of the salary “in an envelope”. Otherwise, employers face administrative liability, and in some cases, criminal liability.

Entrepreneur Dmitry Potapenko believes that there are no judicial prospects for such proceedings by the Federal Tax Service. Any entrepreneur can say that an employment contract was concluded with the person for whom the pass was issued. And the payments were not made due to the fact that the employee did not take up duties. "I am an employee of several radio stations, but I am not on the staff, I am on an employment contract, and I also had a pass", - said the source of Novye Izvestia.

“What is the claim? You have issued a pass - will you pay taxes for the employee? No court will accept this. And again - what is the evidence base for the same pass? These bases were to be destroyed”, - Potapenko recalled.

“That is, the FTS purely conceptually can put pressure: you issued a pass, if you do not pay for Vasya and Petya now, then we will arrange problems for you on other aspects of your activity. But this is at the level of banditry”, -the businessman added.