Posted 30 сентября 2020,, 13:36

Published 30 сентября 2020,, 13:36

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Police officers in the center of Moscow took money from a teenager

Police officers in the center of Moscow took money from a teenager

30 сентября 2020, 13:36
It was possible to draw public attention to this outrageous case solely because the victim's mother is a well-known journalist.

“Policemen right in Moscow cheerfully take money away from children. And not even among the protesting teenagers from the rallies (which was approved by the authorities), but simply among the children on the street who go to the tutor. I am not one of those who will shout "all the cops are scum" (probably not so), but the robbers must be punished..."- writes journalist Arina Kholina, commenting on the eerie story in which the son of her colleague, a famous Moscow journalist Ekaterina Velikina.

Let's say right away, it's all over, so to speak, "good", the guilty will most likely be punished, but the problem, alas, will not go anywhere, it is completely different: not every person in our country will be able to attract them to their lawlessness and impunity the security forces have as much public attention as Velikina did - her publication was reposted by hundreds and hundreds of people. But what about those who do not use social networks, or have a dozen other friends there? This is what Velikina writes about in her blog:

“The situation is beyond the bounds. The child walked from the tutor to the Shabolovskaya metro station (Donskaya street), smoked (smokes, alas, already officially). A PPS car drove up, a policeman came out of there - he did not ask to stop, which is important, but the child scrambled out of fear, as a result - after 15 seconds he stopped exactly, because in the back there was a cry "stop, bitch, I'll beat off my kidneys, I'll shoot). the policeman put him facing the wall, started shaking his things, got into the phone, and while the policeman's colleagues were walking out of the car, there were two more of them, the conversation began, “why did you run?” The child said that he smoked and was scared, what are the brave guys They offered to "pay some kind of fine", to which Tim replied that he had little money with him. There was 8000 money - this is money for tutors. The brave guys said that the amount was "nothing." Then he was intimidated by the fact that they would bet registered, and that they would “look for anything after they were brought to the department”. They pressed for 10 minutes, took 8000 and said “no offense, we did not see you”.

My hands are shaking.

I'm going to the department.


By and large, there was no night: we arrived home an hour ago.

I will certainly write about what is happening specifically with our family, but I will not start with this. Despite the fact that what happened is very important for me personally, within the framework of all of us - and I am absolutely aware of this - this is unlikely to happen. I do not know which of these thousands of your shares worked. True. 1032 or 205 doesn't matter. It is important that an ordinary, average person is not able to raise information noise of the same degree of power. But this person, with a high degree of probability, has some stupid lip-blind child with a thrash on a tutor, and this child walks the same streets and sooner or later will meet the same people. Well, or some other, similar.

I saw them today. I saw it, solely thanks to you all.

If I were that ordinary, average person, I would hardly have received a call from the Yakimanka branch and said that they were waiting for me there. Themselves. I had no idea which branch the teaching staff group that took the money from Timka belongs to: we were just trying to Google the area.

Do you know what would have happened after I saw them? Then I would have become damn scared - because they are really scary, all three. Unloved, unnecessary, poor and evil from this super combo. It is unlikely that any of these brave guys dreamed that at the age of 30-40 he would shake the shkolota, pulling out the piglets from the pencil cases.

But you were behind me. There is no question for you that “it’s not to blame, they basically didn’t work out” for you, because this is not a question of poverty, but conscience and there are no exceptions. And I thought about it when I looked at them. And I was not scared. I saw.

And then they called from the UK. And that too, sorry for the repeated repetitions, you. We arrived instantly, the countdown went literally for minutes.

And the head of the Yakimanka department arrived. And again it's you.

And an investigator from the UK.

We were not ignored anywhere.

Well, maybe it's time to get back to the main thing. To the family. The only reason this all happened at all was that I wanted to show Tim that he was not powerless. That the people who said “we’ll put on record - you’ll never go to college”, “don’t tell your mother”, “and what do you say where the money is going”, are simply criminals.

I am absolutely sure that they will come up with some cool story for them. OK. Our cool story is in the attachment.

I have you.

I'm not afraid. And I am very sad that I cannot help you all. Sorry".