Posted 1 октября 2020,, 11:47

Published 1 октября 2020,, 11:47

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"Slow murder of a human soul": Maria Shukshina wrote an open letter to the authorities

"Slow murder of a human soul": Maria Shukshina wrote an open letter to the authorities

1 октября 2020, 11:47
On her Instagram, the famous actress Maria Shukshina posted an open letter addressed “to the secular and spiritual authorities”. To date, her post has received almost 16,000 likes and about a thousand comments.

Recently, the Instagram of Maria Shukshina, which now has 257 thousand subscribers, has turned into a platform for discussing acute social issues. In particular, the actress actively comments on the topic of digitalization and education. Novye Izvestia publishes the text of the actress's open appeal.

"Today the whole world is fighting a certain coronavirus, and the fact that a huge country has been persistently infected with the virus of incivility since the early 90s, for some reason, is not noticed. And our youth no longer have immunity against vulgarity, cynicism and lack of taste.

If the Constitution was amended to the effect that "CHILDREN are the MOST IMPORTANT ASSETS of the Russian Federation," what kind of children do you imagine, I'm wondering?

Where do you see the property? After all, this is not just a "bom-bom" that is heard from all screens and channels, it is a time bomb, dear comrade deputies, senators, ministers, the president, as well as the ruling bishops, who also actively advocated the amendments, but "for culture, spirituality and morality "for some reason are silent.

You should have thought about what you are feeding your children yesterday, okay, God is with you, today, but not tomorrow! Tomorrow will be late!

We need constant work on education, especially those who are just entering life, from kindergartens to universities. In adulthood, people themselves decide what to watch, listen to, what kind of worldview they have.

We need to save the future! This is the main task!

"It's not that the trouble is that the impudent servants got a fat pineapple, but that it attracts children growing up among us."

Taste must be instilled from childhood, a person must develop a desire to learn and enrich his inner spiritual world and, of course, one must provide an opportunity to choose, along with endless negative content on all federal channels, to have positive, enlightening, patriotic, if you like, and not vulgarize everything and everyone around and not turn the country into a position of cancer and peeping into someone else's keyhole! Mass media have long become anti-national, anti-humane, anti-state!

This is a slow murder of the human soul, his inner light, given at birth!

And we already see these consequences: anger, sheer consumerism, loneliness, emptiness and debauchery ...

Where is the Minister of Culture? Where are all the many Cultural Tips ?! Where, in general, are you all in power?

Put to rule, you must feel the need of the people. Not everyone wants to connect with evil, to live according to the laws of the market.

People are increasingly looking for a spiritually healthy information space. And there are many of us!

But evil is so strong, active, organized.

It does not get tired of regenerating indifference, lack of spirituality, and stench. All of us who do not accept him must confront him with conscientiousness, decency, honesty and the creation of good. Everyone in their place! There are many of us !?

"We have only two paths: development and degradation. If we do not develop, we degrade. Those who do not notice what is happening in the country are either a scoundrel or an idiot." (D. Likhachev) "

Signature: Honored Artist of Russia Maria Shukshina.

There is unanimity in the comments to the post of Maria Shukshina. Almost all of them are of a similar content, Novye Izvestia gives examples of it (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved):

vorotnikov7644 Alan Dalass's plan - read it - it works, works !!!!!!!!!!! ((

margosha_nsk_ Thank you for telling the public about this. This is very important. It is impossible to watch what's going on on the stage, at the concerts. Everything has become vulgar.

moiseevanatalia5532 Save Our Children From Television!

mari_n_a_2018 !!! What kind of kind and instructive cartoons and children's films we had earlier!

mnogomama_nastya I try very hard to educate my children to be kind, noble, thinking, develop them spiritually, we read a lot. But already at the elementary school level, my child is already different, like a black sheep. And it's scary. What kind of society will be created...