Posted 2 октября 2020,, 11:43

Published 2 октября 2020,, 11:43

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At a meeting with Tikhanovskaya Merkel is going to discuss the situation in Belarus

At a meeting with Tikhanovskaya Merkel is going to discuss the situation in Belarus

2 октября 2020, 11:43
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will personally meet with ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and discuss with her the situation in the republic.

As REN TV reports with reference to the statement of the Cabinet of Ministers of Germany, the official meeting will take place on October 6 at 15:00. Merkel will receive oppositionist Tikhanovskaya at the Chancellor's Office.

"In the center of the conversation is the current situation in Belarus after the presidential elections", - said in a statement.

Merkel announced her readiness to personally meet with Tikhanovskaya on September 30 during a speech in the Bundestag. On the eve of the scheduled meeting with Merkel, Tikhanovskaya had already talked with French President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister of Poland and foreign ministers of the European Union countries.

Tikhanovskaya came to the EU after the controversial presidential elections in Belarus, which ended on August 9. According to the official data of the CEC, Alexander Lukashenko won them for the sixth time, gaining more than 80% of the votes, while his main rival Tihanovskaya won only 10%.

However, the scale of falsifications at the polling stations in favor of Lukashenka turned out to be so significant that the country's citizens did not want to put up with it. Having declared that the results of the voting were "mirror-like", they began to take to the streets demanding Lukashenka's resignation and holding fair elections.

The protests were accompanied by unprecedented brutality by the security forces. As a result of the clashes, over 10,000 people were injured, 7 were killed. Thousands of peaceful protesters were imprisoned. The EU countries refused to recognize the legitimacy of the election of Lukashenko.