Posted 2 октября 2020, 11:57

Published 2 октября 2020, 11:57

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Officials explained why fallen leaves are harmful. Muscovites didn't believe them

2 октября 2020, 11:57
It turned out that if the foliage is not removed, Muscovites are threatened with general diseases of asthma, allergies and dermatitis.
Moscow region

A unique, in their own way, even revolutionary discovery was made by officials of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources, announcing to the city and the world that in just a couple of days, fallen leaves turn into urban pests. This publication is commented on by the Moscow activist public:

“The Moscow Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection has finally told why it does not oppose ecocide in our city.

In a post on the department's official Facebook page, fallen leaves were named the main cause of exacerbations of bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and dermatitis. The blame for everything (according to the DPIOOS) is mold, which "multiplies" in the leaves.

You heard right. The health of Muscovites is not harmed by an overdose of reagents, not by air pollution with dust from widespread construction sites, not by dust and smoke, and not even by exhaust gases.

Autumn leaves and biocenosis occurring for millions of years are the main causes of all misfortunes!

However, after a wave of negative comments at about 23:00, the post disappeared from the Department's page..."

He was gone, but the problem has not gone away - there is no doubt that Moscow janitors will, as before, begin to collect leaves in huge plastic bags and take them out of nowhere. And the angry comments of Muscovites will once again turn into an empty shaking of air:

- Previously, how did people live next to fallen leaves? How does humanity still exist???

- Asthma is exacerbated by the endlessly scurrying around the city special vehicles that always water the asphalt in the rain, remove the snow when there is no trace of it, and just drive back and forth and stink of their diesel fuel or whatever they fill them with. It is also aggravated by the stench of vacuum cleaners raking leaves. And from cutting the curbs. And from painting fences. And from the multitude of "point" construction projects in the immediate vicinity of people living nearby and passing by. And the leaves, even fallen ones, are nature. There is no harm to health from them.

- And they did not name vaccinations as the main cause of the spread of asthma and dermatitis? Morons. Again they are engaged in eyewash. Foliage bothers them. They destroy the ecosystem by collecting foliage. Moreover, they shove it into plastic bags and then throw them away and litter nature. People wake up. Destroying cities !! the birds all flew away from the city. Some pigeons and crows in the trash heaps

- Now I understand why with the move from Moscow to another city, where the leaves are not removed and reagents are not used, my asthma and allergy symptoms disappeared

- Billions of bags for packaging leaves - an unconditional contribution in landfills to the protection of the environment from the Moscow mayor's office.

- They are not harmed by radiation and chemical waste from the construction site near the MZP; dirty soil interferes with clean soil and is taken to the nearest districts outside the Moscow Ring Road.

- Mold just forms on the ground, where there are no leaves and natural humus. What an ignoramus on all issues are engaged in such a serious matter as ECOLOGY. Did they go through botany, biology and chemistry?