Posted 5 октября 2020,, 09:11

Published 5 октября 2020,, 09:11

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Amateurs versus pros: why the Armenian army is doomed to be defeated by Azerbaijan

Amateurs versus pros: why the Armenian army is doomed to be defeated by Azerbaijan

5 октября 2020, 09:11
The Azerbaijani troops, unlike the Armenian ones, are led by professional military personnel, not amateurs-dropouts.

The blogger with the nickname E_vajs compared the leaders of the two belligerent countries - Azerbaijani Ilham Aliyev and Armenian Nikol Pashinyan, as well as the military leaders of the opposing sides, on whom the outcome of hostilities directly depends.


The Supreme Commander-in-Chief is Ilham Aliyev, an experienced politician, a graduate of MGIMO, a worthy son of his charismatic father, the case when nature clearly did not rest on his son.

The Minister of Defense - Colonel General Hasanov, a graduate of the Baku Higher Combined Arms Command School in 1980, has consistently passed all the stages of officer growth. A career soldier.

His deputies are Colonel General Mustafayev, Lieutenant General Veliyev, Lieutenant General Osmanov are graduates of the Baku Higher Combined Arms Command School, Lieutenant General Tairov is a graduate of the Kiev Higher Anti-Aircraft Missile Engineering School. That is, again, they are all career military personnel who know the service from the inside, who understand the army, its goals and objectives.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, he is also the First Deputy Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan - Colonel General Sadykov, a graduate of the Baku Higher Combined Arms Command School, a career officer.


Nikol Pashinyan, an undergraduate student who has worked in the field of a type of journalism, whose language does not dare to call the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

The Minister of Defense is a certain Tonoyan, whose military dignity was serving as a soldier in the Soviet Army from 1986 to 1988. He has no professional military education at all.

Deputy Ministers - Balayan and Ghambaryan, to match the chief - no military education.

Here are their stages of "professional military growth"...


From 09.2006 - 04.2009 - National expert-coordinator of the program “Human Rights Education / Education for Civil Society” (Council of Europe).

Since 2010 he has been a member of the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia.

From 05.2010 - 09.2011 - was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Millennium Challenges Program in Armenia.

From 07.2005 - 09.2012 - worked at the Yerevan Linguistic University as vice-rector for legal, financial and administrative issues.

09.2012 - 06.2013 - legal advisor. Legal analysis of the reports of the WB Yerevan office. (World Bank Group).

09.2012 - 08.2013 - Chief Legal Adviser of the Office of the First Deputy Minister of Defense.

From 09.2013 - 06.2014 - worked in the US Congress of Law and Washington College of the American University as a Fulbright scholar (Research topic: constitutional and legal foundations of state control in the United States).

From 08.2014 - 07.2015 - OSCE instructor on the human rights program for the military (Course: human rights, powers and responsibilities of officers and law enforcement agencies).

From 09.2014 - Yerevan Medical University, Military Medical Faculty (Course: "Military Law").

From 09.2014 - Associate Professor of the Department of Law of the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Armenia (Course: "Main types of state control").

From 01.2015 - Lecturer at the American University of Armenia (Courses: "State Administration"; "Comparative Constitutional Law").

From 03.2015 - 11.2015 - Chief Legal Advisor at Legal Lab. Legal Boutique.

Since 07.2015 - Member of the Committee against Racism and Intolerance of the Council of Europe.

09.2015 - 01.2016 - Instructor at the Human Rights Department of the OSCE Office in Yerevan.

From 11.2015 - Legal Director Mentis Legal®

Gambaryan, I quote from the Armenian public procurement website, “was the Director of the Department of Methodology of State Internal Financial Control and Public Procurement of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia. PhD in Economics in the field of public administration, regulation of relations between central and local authorities. Has expert knowledge and experience in public sector procurement, budgeting, finance, and internal audit and control.

Since 2011, he headed the Department of Methodology for State Internal Financial Control and Public Procurement. Previously, he headed the Internal Audit Department at the RA Ministry of Finance, and before that worked at the RA Central Bank in the Financial Supervision Department as the head of supervisory groups".

Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces - Gasparyan, who also does not have a professional military education.

Note that all of the above characters were appointed to their positions by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, i.e. the clown Commander-in-Chief Pashinyan.

As they say, what is the pop, so is the parish.

At one time, Comrade Stalin wisely remarked that "staff decide everything..." - the blogger sums up his excursion, confident that the Armenian army, led by amateurs, to put it mildly, is inevitably doomed to defeat from the Azerbaijani army, led by professional military men.


Further, the blogger gives other arguments for the failure of Armenia's claims to win in this conflict:

  1. The armed forces of Azerbaijan are slowly, inexorably grinding the army of Karabakh. And grind. The only question is time.
  2. Armenians in general, and in Karabakh in particular, turned out to be completely unprepared for the fact that the Azerbaijani army is not the same as it was even four years ago.
  3. The Armenians secretly dream that Russia will, as they say, “fit in” for them. Firstly, they want to keep their face, they say, we would have slapped these Azeri Turks ourselves, but the Russians, you understand, do not let them, they again interfere, and, secondly, they want to keep the territories from Azerbaijanis, thanks to Russia.
  4. This cannot be done within the framework of the CSTO, since the current hostilities in Karabakh do not fall under this treaty, which, by the way, is well known to everyone. There are no military actions on the territory of Armenia, Azerbaijan does not strike directly at Armenia.
  5. In order to drag Russia into the war, so that the Russian Ivan would again bend in distant lands, the Armenians did not come up with anything better than to conduct directly from the territory of Armenia (namely Armenia, and not Karabakh, which Armenia itself still does not officially recognize) artillery and rocket attacks on Azerbaijani cities. In particular, Ganja was shelled in the morning, and the Mingechaur hydroelectric station in the evening.
  6. From a military point of view, there is absolutely no content in these attacks. NO!!!
  7. The meaning of these attacks is clear exclusively from a political point of view: to force Azerbaijan to retaliate now directly on the territory of Armenia, after which Armenia will instantly appeal to the CSTO in general and to Russia in particular for protection, and that Russia would enter this war with open visor. It must be understood that, in the opinion of the Armenians, it will be exclusively Russia that again, in order to stand between the Armenians and Azerbaijanis as a shield, defending exclusively Armenian interests, despite the fact that there has never been a more Russophobic leadership in Armenia than now.

The conclusion is simple:

The Armenians, sensing the approach of a fiasco, went haywire, blackmailing Russia with their completely unjustified artillery and missile attacks on Azerbaijan, in order to drag it into a big war, hide behind it...