Posted 6 октября 2020,, 09:14

Published 6 октября 2020,, 09:14

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Mikhail Kovalchuk: "We are still losing our future to America"

Mikhail Kovalchuk: "We are still losing our future to America"

6 октября 2020, 09:14
We live in a hybrid cold pre-war, observing how the world elite is engaged in breeding a new subspecies of homo sapiens -“ service man”, says Mikhail Kovalchuk.

At the end of August at the RF Ministry of Defense, a round table titled “Psychological Defense. The fight for history is the fight for the future". Director Nikita Mikhalkov shared a fragment of the speech of the President of the Kurchatov Institute in the new issue of his BesogonTV program, which is called "The Parade of Mice".

“The economy, and therefore politics, has always, from the very beginning, so to speak, of the development of civilization, has been determined by technology.

And I want to tell you that in fact, the level of science has become such that we have invaded what was the lot of God.

Today we live - really - in a war. I called this phase the hybrid cold pre-war.

The target state is chosen - in this case, it is us. All spheres are under attack: education, culture, science, economics, defense and security.

And this pre-war is going on today and we are not winning it. This pre-stage is the preparation of the second stage of this war - direct enslavement.

In fact, we are talking about the following. Today the situation of colonization and enslavement has been replaced by technological enslavement. Previously, you did this with the help of military force, but today you do it technologically.

A simple example is the internet. What is the Internet? This is a digital gulag in its purest form. Only if earlier people were seized, placed by barbed wire and guarded, then all these people came here on their own. They themselves came to this digital gulag and live very comfortably there.

The person was explained that everything is written in Wikipedia, there is no need to study, everything is on the Internet, and then we build a society of people whose heads can be cut off through a simple thing - by turning off the switch. And that's it, there is no more question.

The second thing is cognitive.

What is any color revolution? This is the use of cognitive technologies to control the mass consciousness.

What do you need first? To fool. Simplify your system to the Unified State Exam, so that you answer the tests, that is, fool you to the maximum, then give you iPhones and hang up a satellite.

This can be counteracted in a very simple way - a switch. Once - that's all, and then nothing works.

... Now I will sketch you so schematically, roughly - all this, in fact, is kind of fascism, but you and I must understand that this is the ideology of the modern world, the ideology of our dear colleagues and partners.

The dream of the elites ruling the world has always been this - to bring out a certain subspecies of homo sapiens, a “service man” who would have limited self-awareness and so on.

... And today, for the first time, in the history of civilization, the technological possibility of removing a "service man" has appeared.

Because the technology of genomic editing ... Just imagine, uterus, ask me, not a very complex organ.

You take an artificial uterus, like an incubator, where the chickens are hatched, and then you plant everything you need out of the test tube, shorten the gestation period, genomically, genetically cut functions and get as many people and people as you need. And today it has become technologically possible. And this is an absolute fact.

Now I’ll tell you: we are losing.

What should you learn from the Americans? They play long.

The Great Patriotic War ended, we sang and danced, and they have two Dulles brothers - one is the director of the CIA, and the second is the Secretary of State, with the financial support of Rockefeller, who now, recently, died with a seventh heart, began what we are now "slurping".

They created the World Health Organization - the World Health Organization, and they created it not to heal people, but to take control of the state of the world's health! In order to influence him by vaccination and so on.

The WHO was founded on Rockefeller's money, and his closest associate and friend Chisholm became the first president of WHO.

Here is his quote: “To come to a world government, it is necessary to expel from the consciousness of people their individuality, attachment to family traditions, national patriotism, religious dogmas ... Destruction of the concepts of truth and falsehood, which are the basis for raising a child, replacing faith in the experience of elders with rational thinking - here are the belated goals ... necessary for human behavior"

This is a 1948 memorandum!

And then the 1974 US National Security Memorandum: “Population policy is becoming very important for the observance of US economic interests. ... It is necessary to create social and psychological prerequisites for an allegedly spontaneous decline in the birth rate. … We must take care of that. So that our activities are not perceived by developing countries as a policy of a developed country directed against these countries...”.

And PlayBoy magazine was launched, which began to destroy morale.

And this is the future - it starts today. And we are still losing it - our future.

See how everything works today. The most important thing: it is necessary to break the system of basic moral principles and impose alternative universal human nomes of morality. And this is happening everywhere. You have broken the basic system and the person is already taken out.

And then you make the absolute freedom of the individual.

It's very simple, we see it everywhere. "Children are more important than parents", this and that - authorities are destroyed.

The absolutization of individual freedom is a sledgehammer that destroys the sovereignty of the state. And the state is the only instrument, an institution that can ensure the rights of these individuals and freedom.

And now, as a result of the destruction of a sovereign state, there is a replacement of an organized civilized community, people protected by the state, with a set of easily controlled individuals or herds.

That's what haunts it all. And then you do whatever you want with it.

In parallel, there is a decrease in the birth rate, through the introduction into the mass consciousness of ideas that deny the natural origin of life - such as LGBT people, childfree, and so on.

...Everything has changed long ago, and this is a belated look back. And we need to be ahead and set the agenda if we want to remain the great country we have always been".