Posted 7 октября 2020,, 09:12

Published 7 октября 2020,, 09:12

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Morons or cynics? Propaganda linked the death of Slavina with the Church of the Macaroni Monster

Morons or cynics? Propaganda linked the death of Slavina with the Church of the Macaroni Monster

7 октября 2020, 09:12
It turns out that the parody sect has long haunted Russian law enforcement agencies. The absurdity in Russia has already reached such a degree that it seems as if there is nowhere else. Alas, very much even exists, especially when this purely Russian absurdity is aggravated by purely Russian terror.

Domestic security officials and propagandists see an anti-Russian conspiracy literally in every iron. How else to explain the orgy that they staged in connection with the suicide of the Nizhny Novgorod journalist Irina Slavina, linking this event with her membership in the thoroughly parody, playful "Church of the Macaroni Monster"? And not only her...

Anthropologist Alexandra Arkhipova writes on her blog:

“Political suicide is a message and a desperate act of a courageous person. Irina Slavina, an excellent journalist from Nizhny Novgorod, burned herself at the door of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. She was a "man-steamer" - she was practically the only one who made the independent publication Koza press, she was regularly pressed by the UK and issued fines - either for a portrait of Nemtsov in her hands, or for an article about an official with a coronavirus walking around the city. And now the last humiliating search.

And immediately the "expert", the president of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League, Professor Viktor Makarov, informs us that the deceased was a fanatic and may have been a member of a sect.

“The way in which she did it is mainly connected with the sects (...) She was exactly preparing, she came to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is most often done by people with overvalued, dominant ideas, fanatically obstinate people. And if this is a fanatical faith, then we we are already leaving on the topic of the sect".

Makarov's statement is monstrous in at least several directions:

1) No self-respecting psychiatrist and in general a doctor will diagnose a report in the media. This is extremely unprofessional. How does he know about "overvalued" ideas?

A postmortem examination can be performed without a patient - but it is a long, complex process with mixed results.

2) Makarov's remark about sects is a well-known horror story that has been going on since the 90s. Remember? Destructive sects that zombify everyone. Blue whales, again.

And now the topic was picked up by Armen Gasparyan, Vesti TV, and how it was picked up: "The journalist who committed suicide in Nizhny Novgorod was a member of the sect of the flying macaroni monster. Something needs to be done with the sects in our country".

It seems to me that these people are either morons, or... no, again, morons. I cannot find any other word.

"The sect of the flying macaroni monster" is a wonderful and very famous (but not to journalists from federal channels) parody of closed religious groups, with parody initiation rituals. "The main dogma is the denial of any dogma". I have friends who were initiated into this sect and took pictures, for example, with a colander on their heads. It's fun and happiness to question and parody totalitarian structures. That's what the macaroni monster sect is.

But other, real, monsters write "something must be done with the sects in our country". Alas, we have one destructive sect - it was about it that Irina wrote in her suicide message: "I ask you to blame the Russian Federation for my death".

My friend and colleague (on a number of projects), a doctor, psychiatrist Iosif Zislin, published an open letter about the "expert" Makarov:


Professor Makarov Viktor Viktorovich

Executive Director of the League Kalmykova Inge Yurievna

Executive Secretary of the Central Council of the League, member of the Central Council Olga Anatolyevna Prikhodchenko.

Dear gentlemen, members of the Central Council and the executive apparatus of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League (CS PPL)!

The newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published 02.10. on its pages the expert opinion of Mr. V.V. Makarov.

I ask you to clarify to me, not as a member of the league, but as a private person and a psychiatrist with 30 years of experience, whether the opinion of Mr. Makarov was correctly conveyed by journalists. The publication raised a lot of questions from me, as a doctor, and a considerable negative reaction in the social. networks.

Does Mr. Makarov think that the reason for the suicide is membership of a sect? And if so, on what grounds is such a statement made?

What is meant by "overvalued ideas"?! Is this a diagnosis?

On what basis are these assumptions made?

Are these statements the official position of the Central Council and the executive apparatus of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League (CS PPL)

It cannot be ruled out that the journalists altered Mr. Makarov's statement or cited it inaccurately.

In this case, this statement, in my opinion, should be immediately disavowed because it is false, unprofessional, and moreover, it begins to be used by pro-government structures to justify their actions.

Otherwise, such statements by the president of the league cast a heavy shadow of politicking and unprofessionalism on your entire community and all its members.

I. Zislin, psychiatrist.

Jerusalem. Israel".


In her next post, Arkhipova told about the fact that this propaganda insanity is not at all as harmless as it seems at first glance, and that the absurdity in Russia has reached such a degree that one can be jailed for belonging to a parody "sect"!

"These..." Kafka fans "opened a criminal case (undesirable organization) against the Russian organizer of the parody" temple of the flying macaroni monster. " No, I'm not kidding.

In 2005, the state of Kansas is discussing whether it is necessary to introduce into the school curriculum an alternative "theory of evolution" - creationist. That we are all created by God. The young physicist Bobby Henderson uses as a protest the argument of "bringing to the point of absurdity", well-known in medieval scholasticism. He demands to acknowledge that we are all created by some flying spaghetti monster. His letter is becoming super popular. “Pastafarianism” appears - a parody of primitive religious interpretations and, in general, of any totalitarian ideological systems. Pastafarians like to prove the dependence of actually random things on each other, showing the absurdity of religious interpretations of the laws of biology and physics, for example, the more pirates, the stronger global warming. No wonder there are so many scholars among the Pastafarians. After all, doubting dogmas is the basic rule of science.

Mikhail Iosilevich, the Russian "abbot" of the temple of the flying pasta monster, lives in Nizhny Novgorod. By the way, like a real lover of the absurd, he sued the traffic police for the right to be photographed for a license with a colander on his head. Which he did. You can come to his "temple" (as my friends did when we were in Nizhny on the expedition) and take a picture in a colander.

And now a criminal case was opened against him. NTV publishes a completely Kafkaesque video: Iosilevich turns out to be a “hireling of Khodorkovsky,” the temple is a cover for an undesirable organization “another Russia”, and evidence of unwanted activity is an Israeli passport, dollars allegedly found during a search and a three-room apartment in the center of Nizhny. As it was sung in the song of Kim of those times, "and finding three dollars during the chase, they tied us and the CIA"

Anyone with Israeli citizenship, dollars, an apartment and a colander can get ready. By the way, I have only a colander and an apartment from all this. Do you think I should worry already?


But even this is not enough. "Well-known journalist" Armen Gasparyan on his Twitter has already directly linked the dangerous "macaroni monster sect" with the self-immolation of Irina Slavina:

"The journalist who committed suicide in Nizhny Novgorod was a member of the sect of the flying macaroni monster. Something needs to be done with the sects in our country".

An analysis of this dregs of NTV and all sorts of details can be found here..."