Posted 8 октября 2020,, 18:21

Published 8 октября 2020,, 18:21

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Navalny in his first video message promised to return to Russia as soon as possible

Navalny in his first video message promised to return to Russia as soon as possible

8 октября 2020, 18:21
Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny recorded his first video message after the poisoning. He promises to return to duty as soon as possible.

“Hello everyone, this is Navalny, and I am very happy to say this phrase, because earlier it seemed to me that I would never say it again”, - the politician began his address. Earlier, Navalny has already made a statement on social networks that he is learning to walk, think and speak again after the poisoning.

In his address, he focused on three things.

“First, I see what is happening now, and I understand that the Kremlin is simply dreaming that I will not return, which is why they issue strange and rather aggressive statements every day. I have no doubt that I myself will be the only suspect in the case of Navalny's poisoning. But I confirm that I will return to Russia and continue my work. Another possibility is not being considered”, - Navalny said.

Navalny once again said in his address that Vladimir Putin was behind his poisoning. Earlier, he already expressed this version in an interview with the German edition. According to the Russian oppositionist, this is evidenced by the fact that Navalny still cannot get access to his medical data, to his clothes, and a criminal investigation into his poisoning in Russia has not been launched.

“Imagine someone's head was broken with a brick, will a criminal case be initiated after that? Sure. Why in my case there is no criminal case, no investigation. The terms of the investigation passed a long time ago, nothing happens, only for some reason the Russian government for some reason appeals to Germany all day long. Which Germany? I am a Russian citizen whom they tried to kill in a Siberian city. I passed out on a Russian plane that was flying over Russia. I demand that the investigation takes place in Russia and justice is done in Russia”, - the politician added.

In conclusion, he thanked all the Russians he knew and did not know for their support.

We will remind, Navalny felt bad during the flight from Tomsk to Moscow on August 20. He was hospitalized in a coma in the Omsk clinic. Russian doctors did not find any prohibited substances in his body, suggesting that Navalny could become ill because of the diet he was on. Two days later, Navalny was taken for treatment to a German clinic, whose doctors found traces of the Novichok poison in the politician's body. Its presence in the analyzes was confirmed by three independent laboratories and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Germany demanded an explanation from Russia. Russia denies the presence of poison in Navalny's body prior to his departure from the country. Moreover, the Russian toxicologist from the Omsk clinic, where Navalny was hospitalized, Alexander Sabayev, doubts the actual poisoning of Navalny, since he very quickly went on the mend.