Posted 9 октября 2020,, 10:04

Published 9 октября 2020,, 10:04

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

More than 30 thousand Muscovites tried to get into the metro using blocked social cards

More than 30 thousand Muscovites tried to get into the metro using blocked social cards

9 октября 2020, 10:04
After the effect of the preferential train social cards in Moscow was suspended, schoolchildren and pensioners tried to pass them in the metro more than 30 thousand times.

"11,844 passengers aged 65+ with chronic diseases and schoolchildren tried to get on the metro more than 30,000 times. We are doing everything so that there are no congestions in the metro - there is a calm atmosphere", - says the message of the Moscow Department of Transport.

Let us recall that by the decree of the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin, social cards of schoolchildren, pensioners and citizens suffering from chronic diseases have temporarily stopped working since October 9. Similar measures were introduced in March, when the capital was at the peak of the incidence of coronavirus.

On the eve it became known that next week the city authorities will decide on the introduction of quarantine in the city. According to the administration, the situation with the spread of COVID-19 in Moscow "requires a balanced analysis of the effectiveness of the restrictive measures already taken and the feasibility of a new antiquarian package".

Against the background of an increase in the incidence of diseases, the Moscow authorities have introduced additional vacations in schools and institutions of additional education since October 5. There is a mandatory mask regime in all public places and in transport. Since September 28, self-isolation has been introduced for chronic patients and pensioners over 65, and enterprises are recommended to transfer at least a third of their personnel to remote work.