Posted 9 октября 2020,, 10:40

Published 9 октября 2020,, 10:40

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Personal experience: how coronavirus patients are monitored in our country and in the Maldives

Personal experience: how coronavirus patients are monitored in our country and in the Maldives

9 октября 2020, 10:40
Instead of a simple digital procedure for tracking visitors, Moscow airports are in complete confusion.

Kuzbass businessman and civil activist Vyacheslav Chernov returned to his homeland after a vacation in the Maldives and was surprised by what he saw. He compared the procedure for fixing the newcomers, which operates in almost all countries of the world, with the domestic one:

“They have:

Before arriving in the Maldives, you need to follow the link and fill out a simple form, the so-called medical declaration on the website, after which you will receive a QR code. Upon arrival, they did not ask us for him - obviously, the employees see your declaration with a negative test for covid automatically when passing through passport control.

Before the return flight, you must fill out the same form again and receive a QR code.

All arriving at the airport go through a corridor where a single employee instantly reads the codes with a scanner and lets people into the passport control area.

If you were resting and completely forgot to fill out the form, they ask you to wait, and after passing through everyone who has a code, the same employee takes your passport, sits you next to him and occasionally specifying information, independently, in less than a minute fills out a form for you on your computer, instantly gets the code and lets you pass.

The procedure leaves a feeling of order, calmness and efficiency.

We have:

Before landing on the plane, paper two-page questionnaires are distributed. At the exit from the arrivals area, emaciated women are sitting at a row of tables, to whom hundreds of those who have flown rush and shove them sheets. In front of each woman is a stack of crumpled paper filled with different handwritings, with many blots. I shoved my leaves to one of the aunties, she looked at me with sad eyes, in which a plea for help was read, put the leaves in a pile and said: "Well, that's it". We went out. I could write anything on a piece of paper that I was Vasya Pupkin and flew in from Mars. In addition, dozens of people in front of my eyes completely ignored the tired aunts and just left the airport. There was not a single obstacle that we could not do the same.

The procedure left a feeling of absolute bewilderment and the dominance of idiocy. However, as in all other cases of contact with the Russian state.

But somewhere else, no less sad girls and guys are sitting and driving all this data from crumpled dirty sheets of paper into computers.

Here you have digitalization and new technologies and breakthroughs and breakthroughs.

There was a time when we could condescendingly call the Third World countries banana republics, but now that time is irrevocably gone and soon we will probably remain the only “banana” republic on the world map.

And we also have to make a new test within three days upon arrival and upload the results to the State Services website. At the very least, I coped with the clumsy work of some idiots, but my wife was not subject to the entrance to the State Services.


And here is how Chernov's readers reacted to his post:

- Bureaucrats scoop and postsovka are world champions in inventing moronic regulations and procedures - this is their life and its meaning for them...

- The daughter flew in from abroad, did not hand over anything, did not load anything anywhere, no one called the specified numbers. All about the drum. Another creation of a soap bubble. The daughter passed the analysis for herself in order to meet with her relatives.

- In order not to be fined, the main thing is to give money for the test, and there at least the grass won't grow. The main principle is to give money all the time. If there are a lot of them, then yes, this country becomes comfortable for living, but the question arises - if there is a lot of money, what is the point of living in a gadyushnik?