Posted 12 октября 2020,, 11:36

Published 12 октября 2020,, 11:36

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Local residents threw stones at Russian military in Syria

12 октября 2020, 11:36
While patrolling the province of Haseke in northeastern Syria, the Russian military was unexpectedly attacked by angry local residents. They threw stones at armored vehicles and blocked movement.

According to the Russian telegram channel Warjournal, the fulfillment of the assigned tasks by the Russian military was disrupted.

"Local residents again obstructed the passage of the Russian military police patrol. You can endlessly look for an "American trail" and talk about "American servicemen disguised as local residents", but the Americans themselves confirm that this is a US zone of influence and they support any efforts to block Russian initiatives", - the publication says.

It is also reported that it was the Americans who most likely informed the Syrians about the appearance of the Russian military in this area, because they are closely monitoring the Russian Armed Forces. A few days ago, an American military helicopter in the same province tried to prevent the Russian military from patrolling the area. Also, for unknown reasons, he began to fire at the heat traps and left the area. This is probably due to the warning from the Russian military.

Let us recall that in early October, Turkish troops blocked the strategically important M4 highway in the Syrian province, preventing Russian patrols from entering the region. The blockade took place near the city of Muhambel in the west of the province, while Turkish troops were seen there on high alert. The Turkish military patrolled the M4 highway in the north of Latakia.