Posted 12 октября 2020, 10:44

Published 12 октября 2020, 10:44

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Police officer in Khabarovsk threw away his awards after violent dispersal of protesters

12 октября 2020, 10:44
Another policeman in Khabarovsk refused to serve his homeland and defiantly issued his awards after the brutal dispersal of protesters in support of the arrested former governor of the region, Sergey Furgal.

Let us remind you that on Saturday the protesters began to erect tents on the square near the Government House, but their buildings were quickly destroyed by the security forces. The demonstrators themselves were detained. Two of them were taken to the hospital after a clash with riot police officers.

After that, one of the policemen threw out his awards on the very square where the protesters in Khabarovsk were dispersed and refused to work in the Khabarovsk police. The second policeman in the region who demonstratively refused service was Police Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Kulikov, writes . The publication reminds that the veterans of the Vietnam War did the same , who threw out their awards in the United States near government buildings. At the building of the Khabarovsk government, Kulikov left a gratitude for the service from the head of the department, as well as his badge.

Protests in support of the arrested Furgal have been going on for the third month since the arrest of the ex-governor on July 9. Residents of the region are asking to return their governor. Furgala is accused of contract killings of businessmen 15 years ago. He does not admit his guilt, believing that the case against him was fabricated.