Posted 12 октября 2020,, 11:09

Published 12 октября 2020,, 11:09

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Relatives of the Chechen blogger cursed him and repented to Kadyrov

Relatives of the Chechen blogger cursed him and repented to Kadyrov

12 октября 2020, 11:09
Фото: 1ADAD
Relatives of the blogger Said-Khussein Magomadov, who lives in Austria and criticized the Chechen government, cursed him and asked for forgiveness from the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

The video message was published on the 1ADAT telegram channel, Kavkaz.Realii reports.

In the footage, representatives of the Magomadov family take turns insulting the blogger and demanding that he stop criticizing the republic's authorities.

"We have gathered today because of our nephew, because of the filthy creature that left. If he were a man, he would not be doing this, he would not write this about women and about others... He left, sat down there and doomed us to this grief”, - says one of the blogger's relatives, who introduced himself as Khoza Magomadov.

The heroes of the video cursed their relative and asked the authorities not to listen to his speech.

“We live freely in this republic, we have a noble padishah (Ramzan Kadyrov - ed.)”, - said another relative of the blogger.

Introducing himself to his brother, said that Said-Hussein was allegedly mentally unwell, he asked to “help get to him”, emphasizing that he did not grow up in Chechnya and “has no idea about the situation in the region, which means that he “cannot criticize padishah".

Let us note that this is not the first time that the relatives of those accused of something on the territory of Chechnya apologize to the authorities. In July of this year, the brother of blogger Minkail Malizayev, who also lives in Europe, apologized to Kadyrov for the fact that his relative publicly criticized the Chechen authorities.

At the same time, relatives of the Chechen blogger Mamikhan Umarov, who was killed in Vienna, recorded a video message in which they stated that they themselves had dealt with Umarov.