Posted 12 октября 2020, 11:17

Published 12 октября 2020, 11:17

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The nurse's revelations: "It seems that the sick are eager to infect as many healthy as possible ..."

12 октября 2020, 11:17
No one, except guest workers, cares how many people he infects, they do not care at all that there are other people around ...

About one and a half thousand views and almost the same number of reposts was received by the publication of the St. Petersburg physician Andriana Yudina, who experienced the attitude of her compatriots to quarantine measures on her own skin:

“Today, from morning to evening, I was sorting covid and non covid. I feel my complete helplessness: people do not care at all, they go to the pool with fever, to physiotherapy, where weakened people who have just been ill, lie in the booths, to mammography (well, how if I took a ticket, but got sick with covid ?? ? Don't skip your turn!). Imagine how useful it is for a patient with oncology, having come for an examination before the operation, to receive a covid as a gift from such a stubborn psychopath... And it is impossible to stop them. What I just didn’t hear in my address, I barely managed to beat off a slap in the face from an old woman with a walker. Fortunately, my reaction is good, my dad taught boxing...

The only contingent who actually fulfills the instruction "with a temperature - come from the yard, take a smear and call a doctor at home" is... guest workers! Yes!!! Only they, visitors from the southern republics, clearly fulfill these simple instructions. But the St. Petersburg grandmothers practically fought with me for the right to go wherever they want with whatever manifestations, with a temperature, with red eyes and with furious eyes. They wanted to sneeze at the fact that there were people with serious illnesses around, for whom getting sick with covid is the same as becoming disabled, with a good outcome.

People have no conscience, no civil or just human awareness. Nobody cares how many he will infect, and in general they do not care that there are other people around. I feel like a puppet, and have no mechanisms to carry out the functions assigned to me. You even have to beg to put on a mask, but after passing me, they take it off again. I have no idea how you can stop it with this attitude. The impression that all the sick are eager to infect the healthy, and the healthy have made a firm decision to get infected.

Do you people want a hard quarantine? He will, if this continues. Doctors will simply send everything to hell, and there will be no one to treat you, you will wallow in the emergency room and just die, because we do not have so many personnel to fight every violent coveted grandmother in three. Our hands do not grow either fourth or sixth, and our legs do not move towards evening. Are you so brave and the masks are getting in your way? Well, what do you hope for that after two days on your feet someone will feel sorry for you - if you don’t feel sorry for yourself ???

I believe that in the emergency departments, the time required for the initial diagnosis has doubled, since ambulances have been standing at the entrance to the hospital for more than three hours. But this is just the beginning. Why should doctors risk their lives for those who don't give a damn about their own and their neighbors' lives? Personally, I already understand why fines have been introduced for covid people who walk around the city and go to shopping centers. I just don't understand how to defend against them. It is not clear to me why all the responsibility is shifted to doctors, without giving them any rights. The feeling that sick people are eager to re-infect as many other people as possible..."