Posted 13 октября 2020,, 17:12

Published 13 октября 2020,, 17:12

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Igor Shishkin: "Gaidar knew perfectly well how the rejection of home industry would end"

Igor Shishkin: "Gaidar knew perfectly well how the rejection of home industry would end"

13 октября 2020, 17:12
“The sanctions have started to work”, - says political analyst Igor Shishkin. On the Den TV YouTube channel, he commented on the news that the West had announced a complete blockade on the supply of parts for our civil aviation.

And he also recalled that the program for the destruction of the domestic industry was formulated even under Yegor Gaidar.

"The Kommersant newspaper published a message that one of the Canadian commercial firms refused to supply the Gorky Automobile Plant with spare parts for the press and, as a result, the release of new models on gas is now in question.

It would seem, well, a small story, one of many, several commercial firms have not shared something with each other, who cares, except representatives of these firms.

But, just a week ago, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation reported another similar fact, only on a larger scale.

All, without exception, Western companies refused to supply components for our civil aviation.

And we all know very well that our current civil aviation, although it is very small compared to the one that was in the Soviet Union, has a huge percentage of parts of foreign production. That, at one time, was presented as one of the achievements.

And now the West is declaring a complete blockade on the supply of these parts.

Accident? Someone's flaw? The evil will of bad Western politicians?

Maybe, but here I have in front of me an excerpt from the memoirs of the former minister of the machine tool industry of the Soviet Union, Nikolay Alexandrovich Panichev.

Here's what he writes:

“At the beginning of 1992, I hardly made my way to the reception for the prime minister Gaidar. I came to him with a detailed plan for the preservation of machine tools. He didn't even look at anything, frowned disdainfully: “Who needs your shitty machines ?! If you need it, we will buy everything abroad!"

The visit lasted no more than a minute.

In one of his phrases, a program was formulated for the destruction of domestic industry, the transfer of Russia from a country - a manufacturer of equipment to a country of purchase, which made us completely dependent on the West.

And here one more question arises: was Gaidar a fool? Those who do not understand what they are doing - they say, why do we need to produce something when we buy everything.

Was he the way he is presented, Chicago or some other Harvard boy who read books and sincerely believed in the global division of labor, into which Russia should integrate?

Somehow I'm not sure about that. And I think that he well understood the consequences.

Evidence? Excuse me?

Here's another leader of Gaidar's team - Anatoly Chubais.

He openly said at one time: “We are convinced that it is unrealistic to count on the fact that we will be able to acquire the most advanced developments somewhere in the West. They won't sell the latest technologies". End of the quote.

They all knew perfectly well.

But for the people, for the public, they, of course, told a fairy tale about integration into the global division of labor, about the fact that we produce our own, they produce their own, and the result is a wonderful and harmonious economy".

You can listen to the full transmission of Igor Shishkin here.