Posted 14 октября 2020,, 10:38

Published 14 октября 2020,, 10:38

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No mercy upon ours! How will Lukashenko respond to the beating of the brother of Hero of Belarus Domrachyova?

No mercy upon ours! How will Lukashenko respond to the beating of the brother of Hero of Belarus Domrachyova?

14 октября 2020, 10:38
The brother of Lukashenko's favorite, four-time Olympic champion in biathlon Daria Domracheva, Minsk architect Nikita, who was riding a bicycle to his mother, was beaten by riot police to such an extent that he was hospitalized.

Another high-profile crime of the Lukashenko regime took place in Minsk: guards stopped a cyclist on the street on his way to visit his mother and beat him severely - as a result, he ended up in a hospital with severe head injuries. Everything would have remained unknown, if not for one circumstance: they beat the brother of the most famous Belarusian biathlete, 4-time Olympic champion and 2-time world champion Darya Domracheva Nikita, an architect by profession. quotes his story about this crime of the Minsk OMON:

“Yesterday I rode my bike along the bike path along the embankment in the Zybitskaya area to see my mother. When I reached the bridge, I saw people in olive uniforms running at me screaming. I got scared, turned in the other direction, but from there, around the corner of the building, another crowd of security officers ran out, already in black.

They just knocked me off the bike and, without explaining anything, started beating me. Sparks fell from my eyes, blood ran down my head. I was scared for my bike - I have had it for 10 years and is very dear to me, I tried to break free to save it.

But they threw me into a minibus. There they threatened me, poked me with a truncheon. I couldn't see anything from the blows and blood on my face. At some point, I thought I was blind and asked to call an ambulance. However, I was told that they would not call her, the doctor would be at the police station. In addition, my hands were squeezed with handcuffs, they were numb, but at my requests to weaken the security forces they only laughed and insulted me. They rummaged in my personal belongings, wallet, but there was no symbolism there.

After some time, they threw me into another car and drove me around the city for about an hour, but they gave me a bandage to stop the bleeding.

I was brought to the police station with a group of other detainees. I had no shoes on, they were lost during the arrest. There they rewrote my data from the documents, photographed me, no one took evidence.

After some time, an ambulance arrived. At the same moment, they brought me a ready-made protocol with all the testimonies of the officers, but they did not give me a read, justifying that there were personal data of the security forces.

The protocol indicated that I participated in an unauthorized mass event. I felt very bad, had a bad headache, so I did not resist and signed it. The court should be in the court of the Frunzensky district of Minsk, I don't know the date. The ambulance took me to the 3rd hospital, where after several hours of sitting in the general queue they put me in the ward. In the morning I signed a waiver of hospitalization and went home ... "

Nikita also said that he did not say anything about this incident to his sister, who immediately after the presidential election, by the way, urged on her Instagram “both sides of the conflict not to go to extremes,” and since then, for more than two months, she has not given any comments about events at home.

It is well known that Daria Domracheva is Lukashenko's favorite, who congratulates her on all the holidays and invites her to various events. 6 years ago, the dictator awarded her the title of Hero of Belarus, and two years ago he also presented her with the Order For Personal Courage.

However, one should hardly be surprised at the conformism of athletes, as a rule, treated kindly by the authorities, which, giving them various privileges, thereby, as it were, appropriates their achievements. But the essence of dictatorships is that they do not make out their victims, and with equal appetite devour both opponents and supporters.

“I hope, at least after this incident, it will reach Daria that there are no “both sides of the conflict”. There are citizens who came out to peaceful protest because the mustachioed ghoul Lukashenko stole their elections and freedom. And there is a herd of bandits in uniform who beat them, throw them in jail and torture them so that this mustachioed ghoul can sit on the throne for the rest of his life...”, - the well-known blogger Ilya Varlamov writes about this situation.

It would be very interesting to know what Lukashenko himself will say about this, how will he explain to his favorite the actions of the riot police?