Posted 15 октября 2020,, 08:14

Published 15 октября 2020,, 08:14

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A new chance: what a transition from brunette to blonde gives a woman

A new chance: what a transition from brunette to blonde gives a woman

15 октября 2020, 08:14
When a woman radically dyes her hair, it is not so much about a new color as about a fundamental change of image.

When something goes wrong in a woman's life, she goes to the hairdresser and starts a change with a new hairstyle. Can hair color improve the mood, psychologist Anastasia Bulgakova explained in an interview with Sputnik radio .

Red hair will not make a woman more fun, and black will not make her sad. When a woman changes her hairstyle, it’s not a matter of what color she chooses, but, in principle, a change in her image.

However, a new hair color can help to tune in a new way, psychologist Anastasia Bulgakova is sure.

“Bright colors add playfulness, dark colors make you feel more strict, restrained. If a young lady is painted white, this allows her to be more frivolous. With the help of such changes, a woman enters a new phase of life - maybe she was light for a long time, but she needs business qualities, so she can make herself a haircut and a more business-like hair color”, - Anastasia Bulgakova said on Sputnik radio.

In her opinion, bright hair in teenagers is also a way to feel in a new way.

“They want to position themselves as independent shocking personalities. This is a common occurrence among adolescents. I wish the parents patience, the teenagers - not to overdo it with experiments, but they will do it anyway. They don't have any achievements yet, but they want to stand out with something. And the hair color makes you pay attention to them”, - Anastasia Bulgakova believes.

But there are also those who do not dye their hair, but prefer their natural color. Such women can only be envied, the psychologist believes.

“This is great - it means they have good hair, no early gray hair, nothing annoys them, they are focused on other things. But for some reason it so happened that people turn gray and paint very quickly because early gray hair does not look very beautiful”, - said Anastasia Bulgakova.