Posted 15 октября 2020,, 14:52

Published 15 октября 2020,, 14:52

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Personal experience: treatment for covid turned out to be a very expensive pleasure

Personal experience: treatment for covid turned out to be a very expensive pleasure

15 октября 2020, 14:52
In addition to the cost of drugs and tests, seriously ill people are also forced to constantly take selfies for social monitoring: fell asleep, missed once - pay 4 thousand rubles a fine.

The famous writer Anna Starobinets transferred covid and shared her feelings and advice in the tape. They turned out to be so efficient and useful that her post was read and reposted by several thousand readers. Particular attention should be paid to the cost of treatment - it is very, very tangible:

“Since the reports and advice of experienced people on these nasty days helped me a lot, I also decided to share some covid observations and life hacks:

- If you feel frankly sucks, have already done a covid test and are waiting for the result - you have the last chance to put on a mask and donate blood at a relatively reasonable price, or even completely free (if your clinic has a good doctor), for very important for course of covid indicators: general analysis with ESR, D-dimer, C-reactive protein and ferritin. Until recently, these tests were done to confirmed patients at home by district polyclinics, but now this shop has been closed. While in quarantine, you can donate blood only by calling a person in a spacesuit from a paid clinic to your home. This pleasure (each) cost me almost 8,000 rubles.

I donated blood twice. In the middle of the illness, the leukocytes looked like I had just received chemotherapy. Yesterday, on the 11th day after the onset of the illness, the result was the same as that of an astronaut.

  1. In "Medsi" on Maroseyka, they are officially accepted with ARVI symptoms and fever, there you can donate blood and get the result by mail without entering into a deal with your conscience.

- If you - already with a positive PCR - feel some kind of disorder in your lungs and difficulty breathing, but your oxygen saturation is above 95, you will not be taken for a CT scan. If you really want to do it and have money for this entertainment, you can use the services of a paid ambulance. It will be a strange trip - like an inhumanly expensive (from 5 to 30,000 rubles, on average 15,000) taxi, in which, in addition to you and the driver, a team of doctors is present with a silent reproach. Personally, I really needed this CT scan to understand, literally like in a joke, whether my asthma worsened against the background of coronavirus, or is it still an orgasm, that is, excuse me, bilateral pneumonia. An ordinary ambulance did not come to me when it heard that the oxygen level was 96. And even said that I was “nervous”. Then, being nervous, I myself signed up for a CT scan at a special place where they accept "covid" ones, and we went on a paid ambulance with a breeze. The whole team wore ordinary medical masks, because they had already been ill in April "and now they are not afraid of anything." A very nice nurse told me that two colleagues died at the ambulance station that April, both of them not older than 52 years old, but he got the disease quite easily.

They did not find pneumonia: CT-0 on the 8th day from the onset of the disease. Never before have I been so happy that I have asthma.

- Social monitoring, in my opinion, is evil. The last thing a person needs during an illness is surveillance and the presumption of a priori guilt and irresponsibility. I admit that there are people with the lightest course of the disease (with any other course you just won't even have a thought to go with your feet) who don't give a shit about the unfortunate old woman-tm and who will go out to infect all the surrounding old women if they are not constantly monitored. But for myself, I find it humiliating to send a selfie five times a day on the whistle and the need to keep geolocation on. I sit at home anyway, I signed the paper, I have brains and a conscience. People like me are the majority. Fix violations with the help of cameras, fine violators, put them in an observatory. But creating a prison at home for all sick people is disgusting. Not to mention the fact that many do not do tests for covid and walk around in order to avoid being monitored.

Being law-abiding, I, nevertheless, got two fines already. Both times, when the demand came to send my pale face to the state, I, unfortunately, was asleep, because I had no strength to stay awake. Each selfie pass costs 4000 rubles.

What to do about it. Some desperate people simply refuse to establish monitoring and sign papers, and then they sue the relevant departments and sometimes even win. I don’t have the strength and didn’t have it. I downloaded and signed everything.

However, there is one more option. On the website, in the "social monitoring" section, there is a telephone that you can call and inform that you "have no technical ability" to install the program on your own gadget. Then, by law, you are required to provide a smartphone for temporary use at the expense of the state. To tell the truth, I hoped that the state would not give me its personal smartphone even for a while. I was wrong. They brought it to me in the beak on the third day after conversion - and immediately took a picture with it. However, few people know about this option. Now, if gadgets ask for everything, a collapse will surely occur ...

I advise you to buy a pulse oximeter. If the oxygen level is normal, it is very comforting. If it's low, it's a sign that it's time to call an ambulance. A useful thing, whatever one may say.

Thanks a lot to those who helped me and still help me..."