Posted 16 октября 2020,, 12:59

Published 16 октября 2020,, 12:59

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A car, money, a house... What is necessary for a normal life during quarantine

A car, money, a house... What is necessary for a normal life during quarantine

16 октября 2020, 12:59
Eight points that, if observed, will help Russian citizens survive in a pandemic.

In the midst of the "second wave" of the pandemic, journalist Petr Kiryan drew interesting conclusions from the experience of coronavirus restrictions and measures in Russia:

  1. Better to live in a big city, in one of the top 20. In all other cases, you will be faced with objective limits for the provision of assistance (no matter how much, in general) and the limit on access to diagnostics (there is one, but the queue is inevitable).
  2. After 65, you find yourself a citizen with a reduced set of rights and freedoms. More often on paper (as usual, the regions do not control anything), but still. They gave a preferential Troika card - they blocked a preferential Troika.
  3. Your house / apartment must have at least one room per adult. Otherwise, the period of isolation turns life and work into a kind of crow's settlement. Or you must have a warm country house, or the ability to find one for a while.
  4. You must have money for a couple of months of your life. You will need money for all sorts of purchases, if you go out of town - wait. And in the city, if you live, relying on the delivery of everything and everything by couriers. And yes, in big cities, you will really feel what you pay for when buying a home in one or another area. For example, delivery outside the Moscow Ring Road (and, in general, the access of any couriers) is an extra charge and time. I am still shocked that you can order and get warm porridge or breakfast in 25 minutes.
  5. You must have a good internet connection and more than one home computer with normal legal software. And a normal smartphone with all sorts of banking applications and services.
  6. You must have a good and serviceable personal car with a normal trunk. It is needed when living outside the city, and for moving around the city with a pass (or without) during the period of any restrictions. You will never know when you need a car (the unsuccessful fight of our cat, the full opportunity to go to the vet in the spring paid off all the moral and mat costs of personal transport). After the mayor's office recognized the unsafeness of the metro, I no longer play the game "Moscow is a city without a personal car".
  7. You are very unlucky if you have small children and no nanny. She is very helpful and does not allow the mind to move. Mothers who sit with their children and work, I believe, should count this time for the FIU as a triple experience in a hazardous production (or the highest grade of an official for a personal pension).
  8. You have to be cynical and put everything within reasonable limits (except for clear requirements for hygiene, masks and distances).

I think that today about 10 million people somehow fit into this Procrustean covid bed. All others suffer severe losses in the quality of their daily life..."