Posted 20 октября 2020,, 12:44

Published 20 октября 2020,, 12:44

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"You are not supposed to have it": doctors in the regions again ask for money to work with COVID patients

"You are not supposed to have it": doctors in the regions again ask for money to work with COVID patients

20 октября 2020, 12:44
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A new outbreak of coronavirus has begun in Russia, but not all doctors have yet received payments for the first wave. Complaints come from different regions of the country. In response, officials often say that payments are not due.

Thus, violations in incentive payments to physicians working with patients with coronavirus infection were identified in Udmurtia. In particular, in the Zavyalovskiy district hospital, federal payments were calculated with delays of up to three months. “In total, according to the results of the inspection in medical organizations, the Committee revealed financial violations totaling 623.5 thousand rubles, including overpayments and unauthorized incentive payments - 121.3 thousand rubles, underpayments for incentive payments - 502.2 thousand rubles", - said in the State Control Committee of Udmurtia.

In addition, according to Udm-info , the parents of Oleg Nabokov, the dentist of the City Clinical Hospital No. 4, who died of the coronavirus on July 11, are defending the rights to insurance payments in Izhevsk. They have been proving for more than two months that the son was infected at work. A few days before his death, computed tomography showed pneumonia.

Parents say that one of their son's patients was sick with coronavirus, which she informed him on July 2 after receiving a positive test. She was at Nabokov's reception on June 27. The parents of the deceased are sure that his death is an industrial accident. This means that a presidential payment is provided - 2,752,452 rubles at a time.

Initially, the head doctor of the hospital where Nabokov worked reassured his parents, supposedly "everything will be decided, don't worry". However, she later told the pensioners: "Sorry, but they won't give you anything, no matter where you complain".

The medical commission of the Ufa Scientific Research Institute of Occupational Medicine and Human Ecology, without leaving for Izhevsk, established that there was no causal relationship between the disease and Nabokov's professional activities. At the same time, the same patient confirmed in the prosecutor's office that she had infected the doctor. Nevertheless, officials still do not recognize the case as insurance.

“We do not ask in excess of what is required. There is a presidential decree. Nobody wants to do it. My son had an industrial accident, and no one wants to admit it. He, except for work and home, has not been anywhere. And from home to work and back I got to the old Niva", - said Nabokov's father.

Andrey Konoval, head of the Action medical workers' union, believes that "the leadership of the City Clinical Hospital No. 4 concealed important information for recognizing the death of a doctor as an insured event, in accordance with presidential decree No. 313." “The officials of Udmurtia showed heartlessness and unwillingness to understand this issue,” he said, adding that the trade union had prepared an appeal to the prosecutor's office on this matter.

Earlier Konoval told "NI" that the protests within the framework of the action "Pay for Covid!" took place in the cities of Udmutria, Magnitogorsk, Sochi, Vladimir, single pickets took place in St. Petersburg, Moscow region, Astrakhan. After that, the union received 34 more applications from various regions. However, only six of them were given permission by local authorities. According to Konoval, the protest actions began on September 26 and continue due to new signals about non-payments to doctors.

For example, in Omsk they did not pay an ambulance driver who contracted coronavirus at work. During the pandemic, he took patients and medical workers for examination who were suspected of having a coronavirus or the diagnosis was officially confirmed. In May, the ambulance driver himself contracted COVID-19. After that, he turned to the employer to receive an insurance payment, but he was refused. In this regard, the man went to court, reports Gorod55.

Medical workers in Bashkiria also complain that they have not yet received presidential payments. They wrote an open letter addressed to the head of the republic, Radiy Khabirov.

In particular, at the end of September, the prosecutor's office of Bashkiria made a submission to the chief physician of the Salavat city hospital, who did not bring incentive payments for three months to his subordinates. In addition, 86 employees of the maternity hospital and antenatal clinic have not seen payments under federal decree No. 415 for six months, writes. The total amount of non-payments to doctors in Salavat can reach 10 million rubles.

A similar situation has developed in the Ishimbay Central Regional Hospital, as well as in the medical unit No. 142 of the city of Mizhgirya. As stated in the appeal, in addition to these cases, many pediatricians, ambulance doctors, radiologists, and X-ray technicians also did not receive the due payments.

There are also complaints in Tatarstan about non-payment of incentive payments for work with COVID patients, but the authorities consider them unfounded, Inkazan reports. In particular, complaints were received from doctors in Nizhnekamsk, but the prosecutor's office did not reveal any violations at that time. In addition, the nurse for receiving calls and transmitting them to the emergency ambulance teams of the operational department of GAUZ "SSMP" said that due to the hospital's failure to comply with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, she and her 58 colleagues were infected with coronavirus. However, all cases of infection were recognized as domestic, doctors did not receive payments.

At the same time, the official representative of the Kazan Kremlin, Lilia Galimova, said that out of 200 complaints received, most were from those who were not entitled to them. However, she admitted that in a number of applications the fact of delay in payments was confirmed.

Scandals with non-payment of incentive allowances to physicians also took place in the Nizhny Novgorod region. In May, misunderstandings among medical workers resulted in an ambulance gathering at the Sormovskaya substation, which Deputy Governor David Melik-Huseynov initially called a “cut order”, but later admitted that he was wrong. After leaving, the doctors received the due payments. Then the nurses of the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Diagnostic Center reported the violation.

“Those high payments that the top officials of the state spoke about, unfortunately, do not fit in with reality. At the same time, the Ministry of Health recognizes that it owes the medical workers. However, payments are almost never made in full. Doctors feel deceived”, - said Konoval.

Let us recall that, on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, new measures were introduced in the spring to support medical professionals working with COVID-19 patients. According to government decree No. 484, only those who provided assistance to those infected with coronavirus can receive an additional payment (from 25 to 80 thousand rubles, depending on the position, including ambulance workers). According to Decree No. 415, a premium to the rate can also be provided to those health workers who are at risk.

In addition, if a health worker contracted coronavirus or died from it, then an insurance benefit is also due. According to the State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vera Ganzya, to receive this money, "you have to go through 7 circles of hell".

Over the entire period of the coronavirus pandemic, about 70 thousand doctors in Russia had to seek the payment of bonuses for work in the context of the spread of COVID-19 through the Prosecutor General's Office, Izvestia reports. As a result, they were paid 1 billion 731 million rubles.

Only after the intervention of the prosecutor's office, the doctors paid off in Veliky Novgorod (339 employees of the Central City Clinical Hospital received 7.9 million rubles), in Velikiye Luki of the Pskov Region (630 thousand rubles were paid to employees of the Veliky Luki Children's City Hospital) and in Krasnoyarsk (774 employees of the Regional Clinical Hospital received 27.8 million rubles).