Posted 22 октября 2020,, 12:02

Published 22 октября 2020,, 12:02

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Accumulation of corpses was found in the basement of a covid hospital in Barnaul

Accumulation of corpses was found in the basement of a covid hospital in Barnaul

22 октября 2020, 12:02
The bodies of deceased patients have been accumulated in the hospital at Barnaul Hospital No. 12, equipped for the treatment of coronavirus patients. They have to be stored in basements due to a shortage of pathologists and a high workload due to the increasing deaths from COVID-19.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health of the Altai Territory.

So the department commented on the video that appeared on the network. The footage shows many black bags in the basement of the hospital. They lie on gurneys and right on the floor. According to the author of the video, the bags contain the bodies of those who died from the coronavirus.

The department explained that in the 12th hospital in Barnaul, a covid hospital was again deployed. Initially, its capacity was limited to 360 beds. However, the number of patients grew and it was necessary to almost double the bed capacity - up to 600 beds.

"The significantly increased number of deaths per day, the need for pathological examination in 100% of cases, the shortage of pathologists significantly increased the workload on each doctor and determined the emergence of the order of autopsy", - explains the Ministry of Health.

The report adds that the standard design of the hospital building does not imply a sufficient number of cells for such a number of corpses, and therefore they are stored in the basement, where a room was equipped for temporary storage of bodies in compliance with the temperature regime.

"Also, the emergence of this problem is facilitated by the refusal of relatives to timely receive bodies for burial due to the closure of the ritual halls and in connection with the family's quarantine measures, including as a result of contact with the deceased", - indicate in the department.

They also clarify that there is an acute shortage of employees in the medical institution, and the head physician, his deputy and several other doctors have become infected with covid.

During October, 98 patients died in the hospital.

Let us recall that in Kostroma, the prosecutor's office conducted an inspection after the scandal with the prolonged placement of corpses right on the street under the door of the city morgue.