Posted 22 октября 2020,, 06:39

Published 22 октября 2020,, 06:39

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Sota: the son of the defendant in the Furgal case was kidnapped, demanding not to help his father

Sota: the son of the defendant in the Furgal case was kidnapped, demanding not to help his father

22 октября 2020, 06:39
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The son of Andrei Karepov (pictured on the right), a defendant in the case of the former governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergey Furgal, was kidnapped and beaten, demanding to refuse to help his father.

Timur Karepov told Sota that both the security forces and the "bandits" could have been involved in his abduction.

The publication informs that unknown assailants attacked Karepov, handcuffed him, beat him in the face, tore his clothes and demanded "not to meddle in your own business", - to refuse to assist his father in the case of the ex-head of the region. The kidnappers did not identify themselves.

The victim associates the attack with a video recently published on the network in which he speaks about a former employee of the Khabarovsk security services - Vladimir Pershin, witnesses in the Furgal case. Prior to that, the media indicated that Pershin heard about the involvement of Furgal and Andrey Karepov in contract killings, passing by the office of the former governor.

"I was told that I was wrong, I was not trying to get into my own business, that I had to leave it, that in vain I shot a video about the witness Pershin, and so on. They said that several articles of the Criminal Code might apply to me. They made it clear to me that this all happened precisely after I said that Vladimir Pershin was a traitor, not a witness. He's just a traitor who slanders everyone", - said Timur Karepov.

Member of the Public Monitoring Commission (POC) Yeva Merkachyova noted that Karepov's injuries were recorded: “in the temple, in the shoulder ...quite noticeable”.

“He was taken by ambulance to the Sklifosovsky Research Institute”, - Merkachyova clarified.

We will remind that earlier the Khabarovsk blogger, who covered the rallies in support of Furgal in the regional capital, spoke about his abduction.

On July 9, Sergey Furgal was detained on his way to work and convoyed to Moscow. He is accused of organizing the murders 15 years ago. For more than a hundred days, actions in his support have been held in Khabarovsk.