Posted 23 октября 2020,, 06:05

Published 23 октября 2020,, 06:05

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Ex-GRU officer convicted of murder of assistant prosecutor in Moscow

Ex-GRU officer convicted of murder of assistant prosecutor in Moscow

23 октября 2020, 06:05
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Former GRU special forces fighter Maxim Lunegov (pictured) was sentenced by the Babushkinsky District Court of Moscow to seven years and one month in prison for the assault and murder of Butyrsky's assistant interdistrict prosecutor Dmitry Nekrasov.

TASS reports . Another person involved in this case, a resident of Perm, Andrei Glukhikh, was previously sentenced to seven and a half years.

23-year-old Lunegov was found guilty under the articles on causing death by negligence and robbery associated with illegal entry into the home. Previously, he was accused of murder committed by a group of persons out of selfish motives and under the article on robbery with the use of violence, dangerous to life and health.

The former employee of the GRU admitted his guilt.

The investigation insisted on the version according to which Lunegov and Glukhikh met 23-year-old Nekrasov on the Internet in 2019, then came to his house, where they attacked and beat him. They left him tied up unconscious, taking out of the house things for almost 43 thousand rubles and 100 rubles in cash. Nekrasov died. He was found dead in his apartment with a tie in his mouth.

Lunegov was put on the federal wanted list, he tried to hide from the investigation and was detained in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek.