Posted 23 октября 2020,, 06:08

Published 23 октября 2020,, 06:08

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Gosuslugi portal will sell personal data of Russians to large companies

Gosuslugi portal will sell personal data of Russians to large companies

23 октября 2020, 06:08
Large Russian companies will have access to the personal data of citizens, which are collected on the Gosuslugi portal (State services) and in state information systems.

Personal data of Russians will become available to large companies not free of charge, but "on mutually beneficial terms".

“An agreement is signed between the state department and the organization, according to which the formats of interaction in a machine-readable form, the speed of response to the request, the composition of the transmitted data, technical protocols for data exchange are determined. This is a mutually beneficial partnership between the state and business”, - reports with reference to the statement of the President of the Big Data Association (ADB) Anna Serebryanikova.

According to Kommersant, ADB, which includes Yandex, Mail.Ru Group, Sberbank, Gazprombank, Tinkoff-Bank, Qiwi, MTS, MegaFon, VimpelCom, Rostelecom and oneFactor, appealed to the Ministry of Taxes and a request to facilitate access for merchants to state information systems, resources and registers, as well as to the portal of state services.

Commercial structures will be able to integrate all the information received about the Russian Federation with their own databases.

For the onerous transfer of information about citizens that the state has to the Ministry of Digital Science, a special structure will be created called the "state data factory." It is through her that corporate customers will have access to personal data of Russians. Thus, representatives of commercial structures will become aware, for example, of real estate data contained in the Rosreestr databases, and much more.

“The task of the state is to open the infrastructure of e-government to the outside”, - the Ministry of Digital Industry said.

After it became known about the agreements between officials and businessmen on trade in state information, experts immediately expressed fears about the risks of leakage of confidential information about the private life of citizens of the country for the sake of unfair use of information. This, according to analysts, will have a negative impact on the safety of citizens.

The fears of skeptics are not groundless: earlier in Russia, there were several cases of leaks of confidential information about clients of banks and other companies on the Internet. In addition, the object of illegal trade on the darknet was information about the participants in electronic voting with the complete passport data of the voters. Already, fraudsters are trying to get to information about the private life of citizens, disguising themselves as messages about payments for children, allegedly coming from the website of state services. As a result, people become victims of social engineering criminals, including the owners of the so-called prison call centers. If private data becomes publicly available, then the number of victims of various types of fraud can increase many times.

Thus, the expansion of the circle of users with access to confidential information about the private life and property of Russians can make millions of the country's residents an easy target for representatives of the underworld.