Posted 26 октября 2020,, 06:34

Published 26 октября 2020,, 06:34

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Truth On the Air: Our TV Teaches the Pope a Lesson in True Christianity

Truth On the Air: Our TV Teaches the Pope a Lesson in True Christianity

26 октября 2020, 06:34
Telepropagandists decided to give Francis a Bible with crossed out places so that he would finally realize the abomination of same-sex love.

Sergey Mitrofanov

The trend towards disconnecting Russia from world civilization is in full swing, this can be seen both in the news and in the speeches of propagandists. They dedicated one of the talk shows to the fact that everything is wrong in the West, including Western Christianity itself. Another is the historical predetermination of the war between East and West.

So, true Christianity is here, in Russia, which is why it became the center of the Christian world, as well as the guardian and interpreter of theological knowledge. In the West, Christianity was captured by revisionists and Trotskyists (in particular, Biden is a Trotskyist, unlike, say, Trump, "understandable to our political culture").

(* Obviously, the propagandists confused the Holy Scripture with the most true teaching of all times and peoples - Marxism-Leninism. Or they replaced one thing in their heads with another).

The reason was given to them by Pope Francis, who, according to TV, not only inattentively read the Bible, but in general is a poor student in religious matters. Exclusively only by rendering him a service and filling the gap in education, TV, represented by A. Malkevich, a member of the Public Chamber and director of the Foundation for the Protection of National Values, offered to give him a Bible, obviously in Russian translation and preferably with crossed out places.

And it is emphasized there that the blasphemers whom the Pope defends today should be mercilessly killed. (* I ask myself: is this really the position of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation?) And in general, it is permissible to call the Pope "Dad No. 1" from now on because he was tolerant of LGBT unions, believing in his conceit that any person is a creation God and, therefore, must have the same civil rights with all.

We, the Russians, remembering Sodom and Gomorrah, do not think so. Although we should nevertheless admit that the propagandists represented by the Belarusian Shpakovsky and Russian Malkevich, Mamontov and Grigoriev, do not insist, in opposition to the Western Pope, to kill all same-sex people in Russia because of this. Let's not slander them, what is not - that is not. Troll - still here and there, and kill - no, no. So that liberalism, oddly enough, also put down some roots among convinced “archaists”. However, in their opinion, we are still entitled to follow the updated Constitution of the Russian Federation in 2020, and it recognizes only one classic type of marriage, between a man and a woman.

As for same-sex unions, let the blasphemers do what they want, but behind closed doors and curtained windows, secretly, silently, and formalizing their property relations with an ordinary civil contract, and to us, true Christians, let them not fuss, our children are not adopted and do not think of special legally formalized rights.

Otherwise, hmm, it will be like in the Bible, as our God has commanded us.

As proof, the television guru Mamontov said that lightning struck the Vatican cross not by chance, but all because from the present West ... carrion is coming to us, while noting in retrospect that the law of Dima Yakovlev was correctly adopted, and Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, who recently died in Bose , who, in particular, said that “there is no greater abomination than democracy,” is an excellent priest and mentor of youth.

Obviously, Mamontov seriously believes that the Uncle-chief above him directly, Mamontov, gives instructions through the Hebrew texts. For this propaganda of this belief, the state TV pays a good salary to its Torquemada.

(* Between us, after the words about carrion, I personally thought that if I had to shoot the same Mamontov in a film about a zombie apocalypse, then I would make up him to a minimum. And that would be quite suitable).

The director of the Democracy Research Foundation, Maxim Grigoriev, is a secular man, but he also quite clearly expressed his position regarding the Pope: "The Pope opposed himself to the Bible." That is, the Bible, in the opinion of this "researcher," is as much a normative document as the "History of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks in 1938", only older.

The chubby Belarusian director of the analytical center "Actual Concept" told Russian television viewers about the "Overton window" effect. (* Fir-trees, sticks, what difficulties he operates!) First, they say, same-sex marriages will crawl through this window, and then our children will be raped. (* Mamontov: Homosexuals do not groom an adopted boy, they rape him). And then the state sovereignty will be deprived.

Meanwhile, footage of how the Americans threaten conservative Poland is shown on the screen, saying that if it does not change its attitude towards same-sex marriage, then NATO will not place its military base in Poland.

In this discourse, it is also interesting that the anti-Americanist Shpakovsky uses the term invented by the American Joseph Overton, and that the threat to sovereignty looks like "NATO will not build a military base for you."

Interpretation of Putin

As you know, Putin has just made a speech at Valdai. Not personally, but through the TV screen, being not on Valdai, but no one knows where. And he also used a reinterpreted religious example from Western Christianology. Speaking about his political future, he, in particular, noted that he will continue to work as president, like St. Francis of Assisi, while he is alive. That is, apparently, without a salary, and helping the poor, and not demanding gratitude from them. Which is welcome.

This is a very definite statement. Nevertheless, other words of the president demanded interpretation, especially about the fact that Saint Putin, working as Francis, fears catching a cold at the funeral of Russia's enemies. The question is: who are the "enemies" and as a result of what actions they will be buried. (It is felt that everyone is tense.) And such an interpreter was a new person - the thoughtful and inspired associate professor of MGIMO of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrei Bezrukov.

From the words of Bezrukov it followed that the eternal struggle between East and West (here they are "enemies") was preserved in post-communist times. (* Shpakovsky, agreeing: “We live in wartime realities.”) As before, the West, for some unknown reason, seeks to destroy Russia, believing it to be a “fading empire,” and we will give it a hand for that. For this we have Putin, who has been sitting in his presidency for so long that he has seen a lot and understands a lot, becoming wise. And the fact that the "enemies" would begin to set fire to around Russia, we knew this before (this, apparently, follows from some Foreign Ministry theory of the struggle between good and evil) and we were ready for this in advance. Putin is calm because he made a hypersonic missile and because China and Russia are now together, and together they are an invincible force. The only thing that needs to be done is to finish off the last NGOs that were not even involved in politics, since they are still permeated with a hostile ideology, "one well-known radio station" and the entire fifth column. Stop buying Western shares (a parallel proposal by Duma deputy Zhuravlev) and reorganize the work of the Ministry of Finance, which helps fattening bankers and hinders hard-working industrialists.

What can I say to that ...

What is "set on fire" seems to be revealed to us in sensations. But who sets it on fire? If about Belarus, then, obviously, this is a conflict of some Belarusians with other Belarusians, not a single American or NATO soldier is close there, but there are plenty of Russian ones. In Kyrgyzstan, this is also a conflict between some Kirghiz and other Kirghiz. In the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict, this is a conflict between Russia's historical partners and brothers in the Soviet Union. "Fascist" Ukraine, with which Russia has irreconcilable tricks, is also not the West, and Zelensky is clearly not Biden. In Russia, there is a conflict between domestic "archaics" and domestic "liberals", and even the Ministry of Finance, which helps fattening bankers, is dear, its own. So are the fattening bankers themselves.

So is there any reasonable reason to extinguish these fires along the perimeter of Russia with the Third World War and the severance of all relations with Europe and the United States?

I think not. Neither is there a reasonable reason to defend some special Foreign Ministry "truth" and a special Russian political model of economic growth. In any case, nowhere is there a clear and articulated idea of this. (* Oops, where is growth?) As one American (from the former Soviet) remarked in a private conversation with me, we are not Hitler's Germany, for what are you mobilized?

The only one who left the scheme of global confrontation is political scientist Andrei Okara. According to his version, in fact, no one understands Putin, and Putin himself, out of growing loneliness, reads "Selected Passages from Gogol's Correspondence with Friends" and draws his ideas from there for his Valdai sermon.

Okara digs deep. Or he decided that on TV he would not be allowed to say something smart anyway, and therefore he can and should carry any blizzard.