Posted 27 октября 2020,, 14:20

Published 27 октября 2020,, 14:20

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Holograms will replace television: new technology will enter the market already in 2021

Holograms will replace television: new technology will enter the market already in 2021

27 октября 2020, 14:20
Holographic technologies will soon replace our usual social networks, allowing us to communicate with each other almost live

Popular blogger Vitaly Drobyshev dedicated his next publication to one, in his opinion, of the main products of the 4th industrial revolution - holograms. They will very soon become the same everyday life in Europe and America as the current Internet and smartphones.

The prototype of a new type of communication was the hologram, in the form of which, on November 4, 2008, on the day of the election of the new president of America, CNN reporter Jessica Yelin appeared in the studio like a Star Wars character. But then very few people realized that this is our near future. Then such effects were very expensive pleasure, but today the holographic organization of various kinds of conferences is actually a reality. Moreover, many celebrities, such as Gates or Beckham, have already appeared in public in holographic guise, and it was very difficult to distinguish them from real ones... Sometimes an almost imperceptible flash reminded the audience that this was not a living person, but his three-dimensional image.

By the way, if smartphones have been constantly improving for almost a decade and a half in a row, then the hologram technology has been created completely, but has not yet come to us, firstly, because it would shock a person too much, up to a protest, as was the case with the railways. microwave ovens or genetically modified foods. That is, society still needs to be prepared for this. And secondly, because the legal problems have not been resolved, on which thousands of experts are working right now, creating legislative acts in order to apply them in the processes associated with the use of holograms.

Where will we see the fruits of this technology? Everywhere. For example, in all sorts of concerts - to listen to how Elvis Presley or Kurt Cobain live. By the way, in 2012, rap musician Tupac Shakur, who died in 1996, has already "sang" at the Coachella festival, literally plunging the audience into ecstasy. Then it was just a test, and soon it will become a reality.

Needless to say, in the form of holograms, people will start visiting each other in new analogues of social networks, communicating with both the living and the dead. Holograms to dance, play various instruments, sing, will save from loneliness. But of course, not all famous people will allow using their images, copyrights will come into play here. Holograms will finally help get rid of television, and indeed from bulky electronic equipment, and the technology of their construction will transfer to a smartphone. This innovation will allow a much larger amount of data to be stored than traditional optical discs. In addition, they will allow you to strike at plastic debris, canceling all CDs, for example. They will cancel the paintings on the walls and, in general, all household items that do not need human touch. Fears that holographic technologies will become beyond the control of a person, destroy his psyche, will lead to an increase in crime, akin to the recent fears for the pernicious hobby of young people for video games, which turned out to be completely empty.

The first holographic technologies should appear on the market in a year, the author concludes.