Posted 27 октября 2020, 13:22

Published 27 октября 2020, 13:22

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In Rostov, the head of the Ministry of Health resigned after the mass death of patients on artificial lung ventilation

27 октября 2020, 13:22
Today, October 27, the Minister of Health of the Rostov Region Tatyana Bykovskaya left her post. RostovGazeta, with reference to the regional government, reports that she left of her own free will in connection with her retirement. However, the public associates the resignation with a major scandal.

Immediately after the appearance of information about the death of 13 patients in the covid hospital, organized on the basis of hospital number 20, the head of the Rostov Ministry of Health went on vacation. To be more precise, I went on vacation to the Stavropol Territory. She posted a photo from the trip on Instagram.

At the same time, Rostov doctors reacted negatively to Bykovskaya's rest. “The dismissal of the minister was expected, everything led to this. Because in such a difficult time, not a single leader will just leave his city. And her publications on social networks can only be regarded as a mockery”, - RostovGazeta was told in one of the Rostov hospitals.

Also on October 27, the head of the health department of Rostov-on-Don, Nadezhda Levitskaya, was fired. Until yesterday, she was also on vacation. The day before, Levitskaya told reporters that there were no interruptions in the supply of oxygen at the covid hospital, as a result of which patients died, but a leak could have occurred. At the same time, she also admitted that. about. Anatoly Titov, the chief physician of the hospital No. 20, pointed out the problems with oxygen in the explanatory note. Note that the other day, the head physician of this hospital, Yuri Dronov, died of coronavirus. We also received a report from resuscitators that there were not only interruptions, but also a shutdown of oxygen. “But this fact can only be verified by the investigating authorities”, - Levitskaya said.

At the same briefing, Mikhail Kaminsky, the chief freelance anesthesiologist and resuscitator of the health department, said that there were not enough doctors in hospital No. 20. In his opinion, this situation is generally typical for all hospitals in the country.

We will remind, the information that on the night of October 11-12, 13 patients died in the Rostov covid hospital, appeared in the media only on October 21. On the eve of this, the townspeople began to write in social networks that the hospital number 20 ran out of oxygen cylinders. Then there were rumors about more than 20 dead. It was reported that they suffocated due to the lack of oxygen. However, the city authorities were quick to deny this information. In particular, the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev called it a "fake". He advised the heads of municipalities to react more quickly to such messages.

Later, the death of five patients that night was still officially confirmed. According to the information, their average age was 66 years, but among the deaths was a 29-year-old patient with cancer. All the victims had a large lung injury - at the level of 80-90%. “Our commission has no right and is unable to draw conclusions about what these patients died of, because we do not know the facts. Investigative bodies will deal with this”, - said Olga Barladyan, deputy head of the city health department.

At the same time, the commission to investigate the incident, created on behalf of the city manager of Rostov, could not unequivocally answer the question whether there were interruptions in oxygen on October 11 and 12, 2020.

The incident is currently being investigated by the investigative committee and the prosecutor's office. Roszdravnadzor also conducts an inspection on behalf of the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko.

Lawyer Yekaterina Gordon is also conducting her own investigation. In particular, she wrote an appeal about what happened in the Rostov hospital to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the letter, Gordon indicated that the oxygen was purchased from a single supplier, Oxygen.

Earlier, Gordon also said that she spoke with the doctor who was on duty that night at the hospital. He said that after changing the change in the system, oxygen began to decrease, circulation to oxygen helped to improve the situation, but the problem repeated itself over and over again. According to the doctor, the gas in the system was at the level of 2-2.5, although the normal figure is 4-6. “Above 1.5, the concentration could not be applied, after which the oxygen needle dropped to 0. The condition of the patients began to deteriorate sharply and five of them died”, - he said.

At the same time, the head of the Communist Party faction in the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov Region, Yevgeny Bessonov, believes that the public will never receive reliable information about what happened in the covid hospital. According to him, there, as in many other hospitals in the region, doctors simply "mock people". “Medicine is underfunded and in a state of decline. And instead of taking operational measures, introducing an emergency regime, Rostovites are ordered to wear masks, and fines are also issued for their absence”, - the deputy noted.

Note that after the scandal in Rostov, it was decided to check the availability of medical oxygen in the country's hospitals.

We also recall that in November last year, the Minister of Health of the Rostov Region, Bykovskaya, was detained on suspicion of abuse of power. The reason was the case that the FAS Russia initiated against the regional Ministry of Health, Clinical Hospital No. 2, City Hospital No. 20 and Center 100 Rostov-on-Don LLC. Anti-monopoly officials have found signs of an anti-competitive agreement between them.

In December, Bykovskaya was sentenced to house arrest. She spent him in the fashionable mansion of her civil husband. And at the end of January, Bykovskaya was released, after which she returned to work at the Ministry of Health.