Posted 27 октября 2020,, 13:16

Published 27 октября 2020,, 13:16

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The morgue in Kostroma is filled with corpses (VIDEO)

The morgue in Kostroma is filled with corpses (VIDEO)

27 октября 2020, 13:16
A shocking video of the accumulation of bodies of the deceased in the morgue of the regional hospital in Kostroma appeared on social networks.

A visitor to the morgue, who got into the morgue for work needs and made a video, was outraged by the fact that the bodies, wrapped in black plastic bags, were piled right on the floor and lay in front of the front door without any refrigerators.

“Earlier I saw a video with lying bodies, then it was written that all violations were eliminated. Who wrote - I don't remember, it was in the comments. Now we saw that no, nothing has changed: the bodies are in a warm room, among them there are bodies infected with the COVID virus”, - quotes an eyewitness statement.

As explained in the regional department of health, there really is a problem with the work of the morgue: after one of the pathologists of the regional hospital fell ill, only four specialists remained in the ranks, whose forces were not enough . In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, autopsies have to be carried out by all, without exception, the deceased, even those for whom the initial diagnosis of "COVID-19" was not. As a result, the scope of work has grown significantly.

“Now, according to the Health Department, there are about 70 bodies left to carry out an examination. They plan to cope with this work by the end of the week, "Kostroma State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company reports.

As I explained to reporters. about. Director of the Regional Department of Health Dmitry Novikov, now in Kostroma there is indeed a "tense situation with autopsies." According to him, "the situation is under control".

“The corpses are in the refrigerators. These are not ordinary refrigerators - there are systems that provide the temperature regime that is required for storage. One point I want to note: by order of the Ministry of Health, we do not exceed the issuance rate for the number of days of corpses. As it is prescribed to carry out an autopsy within 3 working days, to hand over the body - this is not violated, ”Novikov said.

Earlier, Kostroma has repeatedly found itself in the epicenter of funeral scandals in connection with the accumulation of bodies in morgues, as well as with the refusal of morgues to accept bodies that are delivered by "unfriendly" funeral homes. As a result, the bodies lay for many hours without refrigerators right on the street in front of the morgue or on the floor in the institution itself.

According to the publication Taiga.Info, a similar situation has developed in Novokuznetsk, where the morgue is littered with bodies so much that "you have to walk over the heads" of people dying en masse from the new coronavirus infection.