Posted 28 октября 2020,, 14:49

Published 28 октября 2020,, 14:49

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Doctors are obliged to coordinate their public comments on coronavirus with the Ministry of Health

Doctors are obliged to coordinate their public comments on coronavirus with the Ministry of Health

28 октября 2020, 14:49
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The press service of the Ministry of Health confirmed that the department sent out instructions to medical institutions and specialists to coordinate all public comments about the COVID-19 coronavirus.

"Any comments and public information on the topic of a new coronavirus infection must be agreed in writing or orally with the press service of the Ministry of Health by e-mail or by phone", - Meduza reports. It is noted that this is necessary "to increase the effectiveness of informing the population about measures to counter the spread and prevention of the incidence of COVID-19".

It is curious that the order of the Ministry of Health against the background of another surge in the incidence of coronavirus infection appeared after employees of four Kurgan hospitals made an appeal to the President of Russia on October 26, in which they asked to send military doctors to the Kurgan region, since in the region "hell with medical help, there are not enough places in hospitals and medical personnel. " The next day, however, the Ministry of Health sent to Kurgan a group of specialists for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. And yesterday, on October 27, several ambulance teams in Omsk brought the sick to the building of the regional Ministry of Health, since hospitals refused to admit them, citing the lack of free places. Omsk Governor Alexander Burkov today dismissed the deputy head of the regional Ministry of Health Anastasia Malova, who was in charge of providing medical assistance to the population in the ministry, including ambulance.

Overcrowded morgues have also recently been reported in Altai Krai. and the Kemerovo region. A shocking video of the accumulation of bodies of the deceased in the morgue of the regional hospital in Kostroma appeared on social networks. The morgue visitor was outraged by the fact that the corpses, wrapped in black plastic bags, were piled right on the floor and lay in front of the front door without any refrigerators.

The Ministry of Health says that the information agenda around the coronavirus is "overloaded", and the media publish facts, assumptions and forecasts that are of little use. “It was decided to draw the attention of freelance specialists and subordinate institutions of the ministry to the need to coordinate work with the media,” the ministry said.

As of October 28, over the last 24 hours in Russia from COVID-19 died 346 people - the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the extension until November 29 a number of restrictions. First of all, they relate to teaching some of the schoolchildren remotely and calling on Muscovites over 65 not to go to crowded places; in transport and public places in the capital, they also continue to demand to wear masks and gloves. The order issued to enterprises to transfer to a remote mode of work of 30% of employees is also extended until November 29 . Until the same date, a check-in system will operate in nightclubs, thanks to which 1,700 people have already received warnings of possible contact with the virus.