Posted 28 октября 2020,, 08:41

Published 28 октября 2020,, 08:41

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

More than 500 criminal cases of riots opened in Belarus

More than 500 criminal cases of riots opened in Belarus

28 октября 2020, 08:41
Most of the over 500 criminal cases for organizing and participating in mass riots initiated by Belarusian law enforcement officers are related to the protests in Minsk.

This was reported by Andrei Serbun, deputy head of the Office of the Prosecutor General's Office for supervision over the implementation of legislation by the Investigative Committee of Belarus.

- This year, especially in the last few months, we have seen an increase in the number of cases related to the organization of mass riots and active participation in them. To date, more than 500 such criminal cases have been initiated, ”Interfax quotes him.

Serbun stressed that the protest movement is being radicalized. He also pointed out that “each offender will be identified and his actions will be given an appropriate legal assessment”. According to him, the protesters are increasingly behaving aggressively towards law enforcement officers, and now, in the course of checking the allegations of illegal actions by the security forces, in addition to examining the arguments presented by the applicant, the lawfulness of the actions of the applicant himself will also be checked. For each such case, a forensic medical examination will be assigned.

It should be noted that in Belarus for more than two and a half months, mass protest actions have been going on, in which all strata of society, from students to pensioners, participate. Security forces often violently disperse protesters, which has already led to injuries and even deaths.

On the eve it became known about the detention of a 63-year-old resident of Brest, who spent 18 days in a temporary detention center. Now a criminal case has been opened against her because of a round dance in the street.