Posted 29 октября 2020,, 13:56

Published 29 октября 2020,, 13:56

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An argument for covidoskeptics: "If we all wear panties, then it is logical to wear masks too..."

An argument for covidoskeptics: "If we all wear panties, then it is logical to wear masks too..."

29 октября 2020, 13:56
Disputes between covid dissidents and covidophobes are becoming more and more fierce, although the effectiveness of masks has already been fully proven by Japanese scientists.

The second wave of the pandemic is in full swing, in many European countries new and increasingly severe quarantine restrictions are being introduced, but the disputes to wear masks or not to wear have not subsided for at least six months. Blogger Alexander Tarasov captured in his publication a very picturesque scene that he observed in one of the Moscow stores:

"About masks, panties and other restrictions


Score. Fuss and screeching at the checkout. I come up. A well-groomed lady, rolling her eyes and splashing saliva, sorting out all conceivable and inconceivable expressions, demonstrates to the cashier her civil inflexibility and categorically does not want to put on a mask.

The guy-cashier for the tenth time utters a memorized script that customer service is impossible without a mask, at the same time, he clearly does not agree that this is not his will, but the requirement of Rospotrebnadzor for non-compliance with which the organization in which he works is subject to a large fine and a temporary suspension activity, and he and the entire staff of the store dismissal.

In other words, two potential victims of the pandemic are taking part in the debate.

The line is patiently waiting for the climax, denouement and catharsis.

The lady, having grateful spectators, turns on more and more, the cashier resists more and more:

- What country do we live in, under what government?

- A mask for the deceived cattle, into which the population has turned the state;

- The mask does not carry any protection either for me or for others, it has been proven by world scientists;

- The mask covers part of the face and erases a person's individuality;

- The mask causes a number of diseases and is harmful to asthmatics;

- Sobyanin bought a large factory for the production of masks and therefore everyone was charged with wearing a mask ...

For all the arguments, the cashier responds with a learned script, offering to take and put on a mask for free, which is provided to everyone who does not have one, by the store management.

- This... I will never wear it, do not you see - I have a lipstick on my lips!

The woman comes in even more.

The clock is 21:50

And this scene would have lasted indefinitely if the door had not been thrown open and the third character burst into the store.

The face is masculine, of middle gender origin, pretty wrinkled, shaved in places, the face turning into the body, dressed in very shabby sweatpants and a filthy jacket.

A meteorite rushing from the front door to the wine department, the man just as quickly covered the distance from the wine department to the cash register, and at exactly 21:52 arrived at the very end of the line, putting on a mask with one hand and squeezing a bottle of vodka with the other.

By this time, the hysterical lady was walking in the fifth circle:

- I will not wear a mask and will not infringe on my dignity, I am a person, cattle, Sobyanin, scientists, etc.

And then, at the very end of the line, a man's smoky and drunken bass sounds, and of such strength and despair that it makes everyone stop talking and turn around.

- Pantiiiiiieeeees... are you wearing panties? Yeah... you are silent .. I can see in my eyes what I have put on... and it has not infringed upon your honor and your dignity, look ... we are all in shorts ... he is in shorts, I am in shorts, no one shines with his personal belongings ... all the people are in shorts... and this despite the fact that not all genital diseases are transmitted ... by airborne droplets ... proven by world medicine ... but we are still in shorts, if only you were without panties and they would have refused to serve you at the checkout, you would have shouted the same way ... or if Sobyanin had a factory for sewing panties, you would not have bought them .. no? Why? Because it is customary to wear panties, everyone wears panties and no one... no longer remembers those times when people did not wear panties and sparkled with their ugly pussies... only you... rested, you believe.... that the time will come. .. and the hour will come when we all take off our panties and run into the field.... STUPID...

There was no desire in my life to applaud a fiery speech, because I have never met a bright orator, with pain, anguish, brightly, in the theses, who revealed the whole topic and made a shock impression on those around him ... and here he is... alive... real...

Deathly silence fell in the store and applause was about to be heard turning into ovations and friendly statements that turned into a hubbub of approval, patting on the back and rocking the speaker, as the man unexpectedly continued:

- Citizens, dear ... We live really badly, the state really keeps people for cattle .. it must be so thought up so that vodka is sold only until 22:00! Please, for God's sake, let me out of line, there are three.... minutes are left... Hey, guy, put through my bottle . I'M IN THE MASK.

The curtain


Meanwhile, for kovidodissidentov specifically tried to Japanese scientists, who decided to be tested experimentally and ultimately the effectiveness of wearing masks.

With Japanese meticulousness, they filled the "coughing" dummy with saliva with the virus and matched the specified ratio of droplet size. An inhalation dummy was connected to a ventilator and the amount of inhaled viral RNAs was monitored using real-time reverse transcription PCR.

Experiment results on the graph. Based on them, the following conclusions can be drawn.

  1. Masks do reduce the transmission of the RNA virus from person to person.
  2. The mask is more effective on the "coughing" than on the "inhaler". Even more effective on both.
  3. Each experiment lasted 20 minutes. The chin and three days one mask options have not been tested.
  4. No mask is 100% protective. Even a respirator taped on.
  5. The percentage of RNA transferred is not equal to the likelihood of infection. Immunity matters too.

The experiments in the table were carried out at a distance of half a meter. When the distance was halved, the amount of transferred RNA increased two and a half times. When the distance was doubled, the amount of RNA decreased by one and a half times. That is, in packed and half-empty vehicles the difference will be almost four times. Four times more with and without medical masks. This is comparable to the effect of quarantine.