Posted 29 октября 2020,, 07:59

Published 29 октября 2020,, 07:59

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Most Russian young families have enough money only for food and clothing

Most Russian young families have enough money only for food and clothing

29 октября 2020, 07:59
Compared to last year, the financial situation of young families (in which the age of spouses is up to 25 years old) has noticeably deteriorated. It was the young families who turned out to be the least wealthy.

Almost two-thirds of Russian young families - 64% - can not afford to buy anything but food and clothing, follows from the results of a survey by Rosstat, which is cited by RBC. In 2019, there were 50.3% of them.

Only unemployed pensioners feel worse than young spouses, 62.4% of whom also cannot buy anything other than food and clothing. Last year the figure was 58.8%.

At the same time, the financial situation of large families has improved on average. More than half this year - 50.5% of them answered that they only have enough money for food and clothing, while last year the same answer was given by 10% more respondents from this category.

But in general, the proportion of families in the country that can afford only such expenses has grown. If in 2019 the indicator was 49.4%, now it is almost equal to 50%.

As for the regions, the worst is in Altai - there are 75.9% of such households. This is followed by the Kurgan region - 73.7%, Astrakhan - 73%, Ulyanovsk - 72.8% and Pskov region - 71.3%.

The most prosperous families are in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug - there, only 19.3% of households admitted that they lack funds for other purchases, except for food and clothing. In the Saratov region, this figure is 22.5%, in Ingushetia - 27.3%, in the Arkhangelsk region - 31.7%.

Recall that 67% of Russians believe that the authorities should introduce monthly basic payments.

Note that the Ministry of Labor has planned to revise the criteria for assessing poverty. The subsistence minimum is supposed to be determined not as the cost of goods included in the consumer basket for minimum survival, but as a part of the average per capita median income.

Let us remind you that 26% of citizens assessed their financial situation as poor and only 14% answered that the level of their wealth and the wealth of their families is good. The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) believes that the size of the consumer basket, taking into account rational consumption norms, is already 14,436 rubles today, and the subsistence minimum for able-bodied Russians should be at least 16,256 rubles - approximately the figure that Russian President Vladimir Putin called it the lower bar for the selection of the "middle class".