Posted 30 октября 2020,, 13:54

Published 30 октября 2020,, 13:54

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Elon Musk is wrong: no human life on Mars is possible

Elon Musk is wrong: no human life on Mars is possible

30 октября 2020, 13:54
So far and for a very long time, the Earth will remain the only place suitable for life.

A popular blogger and furious warrior with cosmic myths FotoVlad put into question the very possibility of colonizing the "red planet" - Mars, the water supply and the level of carbon dioxide which is so minuscule that it is senseless development.

Recall that the founder of SpaceX, billionaire Elon Musk, plans to build a city on Mars with a population of a million people by 2050, as announced in his blog earlier this year. His company SpaceX plans to build 1,000 Dragon Crew reusable spacecraft over the next ten years, producing 100 vehicles a year. They are currently being designed at the company's factory in Texas.

Musk said he plans to send an average of three ships a day to Mars, making travel available to everyone. "If there is a desire, but there is no money, you need the opportunity to take a loan".

Humanity does not have such colossal resources that will be required to deliver everything vital there, the author reasonably notes.

Moreover, Mars is not even able to keep the atmosphere around itself, and it is not located at such a favorable distance from the Sun as the Earth, and therefore does not have sufficient energy for the natural reproduction of biological processes.

You can only colonize a planet with a core that will provide the gravitational force needed to keep the atmosphere at the same density as Earth. Well, with sufficient reserves of water and carbon dioxide - that is, in fact, the Earth, and for everything else, for all these exoplanets that are supposedly similar to ours, people will not have either technology or resources.

Why, then, are there persistent talks about the imminent colonization of Mars? - the blogger asks. These people just don't know the slightest bit about science. And instead of dreaming about the impossible and complaining about the pollution of the Earth, it is better to put things in order on it, he is sure.

To do this, you need to purposefully develop sparsely populated and unpopulated areas of the earth's surface, it will be much easier and cheaper than populating Mars. And this is how we can solve the problem of the overpopulation of the Earth that threatens us. There is no salvation on Mars. So we have nowhere else to run.