Posted 30 октября 2020,, 13:23

Published 30 октября 2020,, 13:23

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Lukashenko offered to "tear off the hands" of the protesters who encroached on the security forces

Lukashenko offered to "tear off the hands" of the protesters who encroached on the security forces

30 октября 2020, 13:23
Фото: РБК
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has issued a warning to the protesters that from now on the security forces are switching to harsh methods of influencing the protesters.

According to Lukashenko, after the start of the national strike, the authorities have "nowhere to retreat."

Lukashenko made a statement about the harsh suppression of protests at a meeting with Interior Ministry officials. According to him, the protesters "crossed the red lines," and now the patience of the country's leadership is over.

“They crossed them in many directions, I spoke about this. Therefore, those who today go to the railway, those who hang fascist banners on power lines, in a word, those who today are trying to destroy and destabilize the infrastructure of the state, should know: from today, especially in the apartments of citizens where they are hiding, we We are not taking anyone prisoner”, - the Dozhd TV channel quotes Lukashenko.

Earlier in social networks, videos of the brutal beatings of protesters who were caught by security officials in apartments have already appeared. From now on, the security officials have an official "green light" for violence.

“If someone touches a serviceman, he must leave at least without hands. I say this publicly so that everyone understands our further determination. Further - everything. We have nowhere to retreat, and we are not going to retreat. Whoever is ready, we will act”, - Lukashenko said.

On October 26, a nationwide strike began in Belarus. It started after Lukashenko refused to fulfill the opposition's ultimatum, which demanded that he voluntarily resign and release political prisoners.

Mass protests in the country have continued since August 9, the date of the presidential elections. Citizens are convinced that their results were falsified in favor of the country's long-term president, Alexander Lukashenko. Taking to the streets and refusing to work at state-owned enterprises, the Belarusians have been seeking the resignation of the head of state and the holding of new fair elections for the third month already. However, Lukashenko, relying on the support of the security forces, refuses to voluntarily leave his post.