Posted 30 октября 2020,, 06:32

Published 30 октября 2020,, 06:32

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Russians again buy goods for the future use, fearing a new quarantine

Russians again buy goods for the future use, fearing a new quarantine

30 октября 2020, 06:32
A third of Russians are afraid of the introduction of a new quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus infection and are purchasing goods for future use, not only of the essentials, but also by others - in case the stores are closed again.

A study by the ad aggregator Yula, cited by RBC, showed that 20% of Russians already buy essential goods for the future, and 12% of respondents prefer to stock up on goods from other categories.

More than half of the respondents - 51% - began to shop more often in their area. 40% admitted that they had to save money and buy only what they need.

Every third participant in the study said that they began to use the services of online stores more often.

Recall that against the backdrop of a pandemic of a new coronavirus infection in March, Russians stocked up on food for four months in advance. In the period from 9 to 22 March, more than 50% of buyers made future purchases for a limited top-end range of long-term storage goods in the stores of the company's chains. For an average Russian family, these products should have lasted 108 days.

Note that at the same time fake news began to spread, one of which says that allegedly unscrupulous marketers developed a clever scheme to increase sales in grocery chains. If, they say, there is not enough buckwheat and pasta, then it is necessary to make sure that there are even fewer of them.

However, the temporary absence of buckwheat on the shelves, as well as toilet paper, really became the subject of discussion and memes.

- Now people buy a lot of products. In fact, there are no problems. We have a very stable supply situation, - said Russian President Vladimir Putin, advising Russians not to buy food for future use.

Now the head of state said that it is not planned to introduce a new nationwide lockdown due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus, since the authorities now clearly understand how to act in the event of an increase in the incidence of coronavirus.