Posted 3 ноября 2020,, 12:54

Published 3 ноября 2020,, 12:54

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Surrogate reality: what the Chinese firm BluedBaby does

Surrogate reality: what the Chinese firm BluedBaby does

3 ноября 2020, 12:54
Children are like a commodity. These are the realities of the 21st century. And with the goods, buyers, as you know, can act in very different ways.

Another "baby to order" for a company from China almost died in St. Petersburg. A Chinese company with the curious name BluedBaby (something like "Blue Baby"), which appeared in a recent high-profile case about children "for sale" born in Russia by surrogate mothers , seems to be called that by no coincidence. Novye Izvestia tried to study the issue.

Christina Zabirova

With the development of medical technology, whether we like it or not, the generally accepted moral and ethical standards began to change. Today the concept of "surrogate motherhood" is almost no surprise to anyone.

The stars of show business, in particular, regularly contribute to accustoming us to this aspect of the “new normal”, because they are always in the public eye: in the news every now and then you read about how celebrities become parents, thanks to the services of sur- moms (for example, a month ago, the producer Yana Rudkovskaya announced the addition to her family).

And yet, no matter how you treat this phenomenon, but something is clear for sure: it is one thing when a child is given birth “to order” for a loving family that is very much waiting for him, and quite another when it is not clear for what purpose ...

"The story of the purchase of children in Russia by perverts-foreigners, the conveyor nature of this business and the interference in the affairs of the security forces received the expected continuation", - writes the portal RIA "Katyusha".

According to the website , to the children's hospital on the street. Decembrists in St. Petersburg on October 16, a child was delivered, born to a surrogate mother on October 9. Doctors diagnosed the newborn with a post-hypoxic state of moderate severity. Now the baby is still in Children's hospital No. 17. This is the third case of hospitalization of children of a surrogate mother in autumn.

The site notes that according to representatives of the office of the ombudsman for the rights of the child in St. Petersburg Anna Mityanina, this is one of the newborns that was transferred to a representative of the Chinese company BluedBaby, which provides surrogacy services.

Earlier it was reported that a dead baby was found in an apartment in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, who was supposed to go to China. According to Mityanina, the child was born as a surrogate mother to a single father - a citizen of China, and was transferred by the St. Petersburg agency for maintenance to a Chinese intermediary - BluedBaby.

Upon the death of the child, the investigators began a pre-investigation check. Later, a source told Interfax that law enforcement agencies in St. Petersburg would check surrogacy agencies that are related to dead babies. Currently, the supervisory authorities are looking for reasons to audit these firms. "The grounds are being determined to look at them from the side of the law, the transparency of their activities," in particular, said the source.

Meanwhile, the portal RIA "Katyusha" reminds: even earlier, a similar death of a baby was recorded in the Moscow region, in an apartment.

Novye Izvestia recently reported that 39 more children of Chinese citizens are to be born from surrogate mothers in St. Petersburg by the end of 2020. So far, the authorities have not resolved the issue of sending children to their parents.

If there are no further agreements that babies go to families on a humanitarian flight, or another mechanism is not implemented to reunite them with their parents, then "on December 31, 2020 in the northern capital, 131 children will celebrate the New Year without their dads and mothers", - Interfax quoted the statement of the ombudsman for the rights of the child in the region Anna Mityanina.

Already today 92 children in St. Petersburg cannot reunite with their genetic parents. In the orphanage No. 3 there are 30 babies whose parents are citizens of the PRC. 27 children were handed over to their parents, but they are unable to leave the Russian Federation due to coronavirus restrictions. How do you think about these defenseless crumbs - my heart bleeds ...

The correspondent of "Novyye Izvestia", following the colleagues from RIA "Katyusha", went to the page of the mentioned company BluedBaby, whose name is translated somehow very ambiguously.

In fact, you can translate it not just as "Blue Child", but as if "blunt", well, you understand, right? At the same time, there is also a variant of writing the name of the BlueBaby company, without the letter “d”.

First of all, a completely blue page with hieroglyphs in the center came out, and nothing else. The electronic translator translated the inscription as follows: "Site update".

Well, I had to use the Google cache and an automatic electronic translator, because it seems that and pages in Russia simply do not open directly.

Due to the fact that the Internet stores the memory of everything, it was possible to extract the saved pages of the site.

On the main page, guests are "greeted" by hugging men, a man kissing a baby, and a pair of women. The following is a description of the company's services, as well as its potential customers - the target audience. After that, doubts about the subtext of the name of the BluedBaby company disappear by themselves.

So, do not judge strictly, we are not experts in the Chinese language, so we are content with electronic translation from google - the essence is quite clear:


Key words: third generation test tube, genetic screening.

The United States has the world's more scientific third generation tube technology, superior embryo breeding technology and genetic disease screening that can effectively increase the chance of successful conception.

Genetic screening is necessary to detect fertility disorders, miscarriages and abortions caused by chromosomal defects in both parents. If a scientific and reasonable solution is not available at home, you can look overseas.

Blue Baby provides medical advice abroad for people with fertility problems.


Key words: frozen sperm, frozen eggs, frozen embryos. Single people, even if they don't have a partner or a birthing plan, can freeze sperm / eggs abroad and use ultra-low temperatures to keep their reproductive cells young and prolong their fertile age in liquid nitrogen at minus 247 degrees. For single women in the United States, there is better technology for freezing and thawing eggs. Eggs have a freezing and thawing rate of over 90% and can be stored for more than 10 years.


For myself, for the family. Receiving a child (mixed race) of "China / America" or "China / plus" nationality through a foreign assisted reproduction program "test tube of the third generation + third party" to solve pain points in the life of the LGBT community. In many countries, this program has been used for over 30 years, so you don't have to worry about professionalism.


China does not provide semen washing services for HIV-positive people in need of childbirth. We provide safe and reliable semen washing consultancy abroad. We use safer “intermittent density gradient centrifugal sperm washing” technology abroad to isolate healthy sperm, solve urgent and long-term problems of HIV-infected people, and bring healthy children out.


Genetic patients no longer need to sleep soundly for the health of the next generation; Do you want a boy, a girl? As long as you do not “follow fate,” the choice is yours; Even if you are constrained by physical conditions, work needs or other reasons, you can also save the country with the third generation tube + third party organization method ...

For all kinds of special needs, we can provide professional medical advice abroad and shake hands with fate with a smile. In short, all the previous problems are no longer a problem.

From the last point, the conclusion follows: “The company is able to organize the sale of a child not only for perverts of all stripes, but also for“ specific needs ”that are discussed with the customer in private. What are these needs that cannot be spoken about? Children for organs? Children for pedophiles? We also noticed a strange drawing on the chest of a Canadian child - supposedly the face of an elephant with an interesting symbol, which, in the context of the specialization of this office, resembles not only a trunk. "

Needless to say, I would really not like to join this opinion of my colleagues, but, as they say, let's not be naive, more precisely, blind: a variety of data that, if desired, anyone can personally find and study in detail on the Internet , clearly indicate that the worldwide network of pedophiles and other perverts is an incredibly powerful structure. With all that it implies.

For Chinese customers, BluedBaby offers children from surrogate mothers from Russia, the USA and Canada. The main office of the office, by the way, is located in California (12340 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 226, Los Angeles, California, USA 90025). The site also invites visitors to use a price calculator - they boast that in 30 seconds they will show “how much it costs to have a baby”. Naturally, in full accordance with any customer's requests.

“It is obvious that the“ Blue Child ”is just one of the ordinary participants in the world child trafficking market, operating in our country in the absence of any prohibitions and control. What other arguments are needed for an early ban on surrogacy in Russia as a commercial technology that embodies the fantasies of the international “blue lobby”, destroys the happiness of motherhood and childhood, turns Russian children (Russian citizens by birthright!) Into a commodity. We very much hope that tough forbidden initiatives that have long matured in the legislature will soon see the light of day, and our country will join the “civilized community” of states in this regard, in which surrender and child trafficking in any form is a serious crime, "RIA summarizes "Katyusha".

According to the site, one of the reproductive medicine company that operates in Russia and Ukraine, in countries such as Austria, Norway, Poland, France and Sweden, surrogacy is indeed prohibited by law.

However, a ban on surrogacy or restrictions on its use in a particular country does not mean that its citizen cannot use this service in another state. If a person finds a surrogate mother where it is officially allowed and formalizes everything legally correctly, then his country will recognize the child without problems.

Commercial surrogacy is not possible in the UK. A married couple who wants a child can use the services of a surrogate mother, but at the same time she is allowed to pay only for the maintenance of a woman during pregnancy.

In Denmark and Israel, surrogacy is allowed only after receiving the approval of a special commission, which is problematic.

In Belgium, Greece, Spain, Finland, this reproductive service is used, but there are no laws that would legally allow its use, which means that if any disputes arise between a surrogate mother and the child's parents, it will not be possible to resolve the issue in the legal field.