Posted 5 ноября 2020,, 11:51

Published 5 ноября 2020,, 11:51

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Forget about multiculturalism - it doesn't exist!

5 ноября 2020, 11:51
Марина Шаповалова
Democracy is possible only because it is based on the unity of goals and political culture of the entire community.

Many have spoken and written about the inevitable failure of the policy of multiculturalism and about its inevitable tragic consequences. At least 20 years ago, they tried to warn: the practices accepted in Europe do not work as planned by the dreamers - on the contrary, they program the growth of tension and conflicts.

But they did not want to hear the warnings, they were branded as obscurantists and xenophobic incitements. They were practically gagged, forming an aggressive rejection of "politically incorrect" statements in European society.

Decades ago, when it was still possible to speak out about the need to assimilate immigrants, the European community was actively instilling an opinion about the “intrinsic value” of cultural practices they transferred to Europe and about the right of migrants to preserve them.

Indeed, the scourge of modern Euro-Atlantic civilization is the imperceptible substitution of the rights of man and citizen for the rights of collective identities. Progressive-sounding words, as usual, blur the murderous essence of the substitution: the uncritical mass consciousness is not able to notice that by the protrusion of the rights of collective identities, individual civil rights are suppressed and destroyed.

An effective political organism in a democracy, such as a civil nation, can only be culturally homogeneous. At least in relation to political culture, which determines the foundations of the construction and functioning of the state. Then the natural spread of personal preferences does not create stable groupings aimed at fundamentally changing its political and cultural foundations.

Otherwise, organized foreign communities formed within the “political body” actually break its political unity and get the opportunity to fight for domination. If not by number - while their electoral weight is not great - then by skillful use of perverted legal approaches and aggressive pressure. In the end, by intimidating the philistine masses: "if you do not agree to our terms - pay with your heads!"

It must be understood that democracy itself is possible only because it is based on the unity of goals and political culture of the entire community. Otherwise, her tools are suicidal and easily serve to establish a dictatorship of any color.

It is also good if foreign cultural communities are geographically localized - in the long run, this allows avoiding a bloody conflict by “divorce” with the formation of more homogeneous political sovereigns. Although it is doubtful that someone will use this solution in a timely manner. It is much worse if foreign cultural identities are infiltrated into society nonlocally - it seems to be too late to drink Borjomi. Finding a way out will be expensive.

Finally, forget about multiculturalism! He's gone. Created by this completely false ideology, the cadaver is capable of devouring all the achievements of European civilization.

Political cultures do not mix - they can only dominate or suppress if they do not exist in separate political systems. Intercultural dialogue is possible only at the foreign policy level.

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